5 things you should know as a new mom to ease your worry

ease your new mom worry

5 things you should know in order to ease your worry about being a new mum

It is just a matter of time before your little one is going to be in your hands and amidst all the joy and relief you are going to feel is going to be a whole lot of worries and fears about getting this parenthood thing right. Of course you love the baby but pretty much everything could start worrying you, to keep those anxieties at bay it is important that you know and understand some aspects of being a new mum and handling a newborn.

1.An infant will cry:

Understand the only means of communication for your child is crying. If she is hungry, sleepy, in pain, or sleeping on a soiled diaper, pretty much for anything she is going to let you know by crying. This does not mean you are a bad parent.

2.Sneezes in infants:

Sneezing in children is only a mechanism to open up their nasal and respiratory passages. Also post a feed the nostril could be closed and sneezing just opens it up.


Breastfeeding is a skill both parent and child needs to acquire. You thus need to trust your body and the baby’s cue and keep a steady feeding schedule, yes even if it seems like you are feeding the entire day. Switching to formula is also perfectly alright, don’t stress yourself too much.

4.It will be some time before things fall into a routine:

Life is going to be topsy-turvy for some time now. Do not try and force a routine immediately as it will only end up being stressful. Give yourself and the baby a couple of months for everything to fall into place.

5.There is no such thing as perfection in parenthood

No parent is perfect. No solution to an issue is perfect. Each parent depends on her intuition and does what is best for the child

And like you already know, each child and each pregnancy is as unique as you are, so remember to trust your gut instinct and go with you. You will always know better than anyone else.