5 things to enjoy about your pregnant body

things to enjoy about your pregnant body

So you are growing in size and your centre of gravity is all over the place, these may not be the happiest things happening to your pregnant self now but let’s face it there are certain awesome things about your pregnant body and you should enjoy it while it lasts!

  1. No periods
    Possibly one of the better parts of the pregnancy is of course that you have no period for 40weeks (the pregnancy period!). Okay postpartum things are going to back in full flow, but then you should enjoy the free time right now when you can.
  2. Awesome sex without bothering with birth control
    Your vagina is extra sensitive now thanks to all the extra blood flowing in your pelvic area. Sex now is awesome as your orgasms are so much more intense. In case you thought that was the best thing about pregnancy – guess what? Now you do not have to worry about birth control. So enjoy all the sex you want now.
  3. Better body image
    Your curves and bulges are the least of your worries now. The pregnancy means you are going to have the curves now. This gives you confidence in self and your body image is so much better now. If you could maintain this post the baby too, nothing like it!
  4. The shiny thick hair
    The drastic hormonal changes now helps hair growth. Hair fall is controlled making your hair thicker. Your healthy food diet now contributes to the hair health and makes it look nice and shiny.
  5. There is another being inside your tummy
    You have another being inside of you – being a part of this miracle of life is an intimacy totally different than what you could ever share with anyone else. You will soon have your baby out and in your hands but this phase right now is amazing without a doubt.