5 Surprising external stimuli babies react to in womb

Remember when Aamir Khan touched Pia’s pregnant sister’s stomach and the baby kicked? Don’t know about you but all the mothers in the hall held their hands to their mouth, a la beauty contest winners, and went a collective ‘awwwww.’

We know that the foetus inside your belly is busy at work, even as it is swimming in the comforting waters of the amniotic fluid. Limbs form, bones grow, movements increase and the joy manifolds for the mother every day.

But as that scene in 3 Idiots clearly shows, babies respond to external stimuli quite readily. A specific voice, for example daddy’s, may propel them to respond more readily than say the cooker going. So babies really tune into the sounds they like and keep it up well into adulthood. Don’t we all tune out the sounds we are not interested in?

Despite all that the information that is doing the rounds, I wager that many mothers out there didn’t know these amazing facts about the growing foetus inside your belly.

1. When you step into bright sunlight

Which is all the time, if you live in India. Did you know that babies begin rapid eye movements in the womb as early as 23 weeks? Unborn babies open their eyes and even respond to strong bright light. Although they can usually see it as a warm glow. But isn’t it amazing that babies respond underneath layers of covering we offer our babies naturally.

2. Cigarettes

Smoking during pregnancy is associated with an array of birth defects in newborns. Not only does it inhibit the healthy development of the foetus, but also results in slower development of the central nervous system. But recent 4-D ultrasound of unborn babies prove that babies can sense the taste and smell of cigarette as it enters the mother’s bloodstream.

3. Maa ke haath ka khana

Tastes of some strong flavours like spicy sambar / pav bhaji are retained in nthe amniotic fluid through the blood stream. Since babies are swimming in the stuff, and constantly gulping them down, they develop a familiarity for these flavours when they are offered to them later on as toddlers. A study revealed that infants seemed to enjoy carrots flavored cereals more than others after their mothers drank carrot juice during pregnancy and lactation.

4. Music

The classic case of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata. In your third trimester if your child is exposed to the same music every day, they tend to recognise it and remember the tunes well after. Studies prove that when the popular rhyme ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ was played to pregnant mothers on a daily basis, their babies responded to the rhyme through memory well after birth.

5. Magic Touch

Babies can feel your warm and nurturing touch. When you rub your hands on your tumescent belly you are likely to get a reaction of kicks or moves. It also relaxes them—more like a massage therapy. Isn’t it amazing how your baby can feel and react to your external touch.

Source: CureJoy