5 most embarrassing things about pregnancy your wife never told you!

Pregnancy definitely is a memorable journey for every mommy-to-be, but like for anything else; this too comes with its own bag of drawbacks. Apart from wobbling around with that huge belly and tackling food cravings at odd hours, pregnant women battle a whole lot of other issues too.

How would you feel if you peed while you coughed or wanted to use the washroom in the middle of an important meeting! Well, all pregnant women have been there and done that and it can be highly embarrassing. However, just remember you are not alone. Most pregnant women have found themselves in these situations at least once, and this should probably help you feel better.

1. Leaking breasts

Thought lactation will kick in only when you hold your bundle of joy in your arms? Well, sorry to say, you may be totally wrong. Increased levels of prolactin cause your breasts and nipples to get extra sensitive to any external stimuli, as a result of which you will leak even before you deliver.

Try keeping nursing pads in your bra. This will absorb the leak and will prevent wetness or stains on your clothes.

2. Frequent urination

While this is perfectly alright (you are after all making a human inside), it can be super embarrassing in social situations. The frequency worsens in the final days of the pregnancy, as the baby tends to put more pressure on the bladder and your pelvic muscles tend to relax, leading to involuntary leakage of urine. A little bit of peeing while you a cough, hiccup, or sneeze is part of pregnancy and you will have to put up with it, just like a whole lot of others.

However, don’t feel apprehensive to visit the washroom as often as required, to ensure no urine is collected in your bladder. Also, wearing panty liners can help you soak the urine and reduce its odour and colour.

3. Gassing

Find yourself burping or farting aloud? Welcome to pregnancy! Digestion is every pregnant woman’s worst enemy. It seems close to impossible to digest what you eat, and as a result, you feel bloated.

The best way to help the situation is to walk around as much as you can and of course stay away from fatty and fried foods.

4. Increased discharge

The third trimester can be a tough one! A huge belly, increased sensitivity to smell and above all the very famous discharge are all bound to bog you down. The discharge increases and also begins to smell funny. This can, in fact, lead to embarrassment for a few women. However, it is completely normal and happens due to the increased production of estrogen.

To tackle the situation, carry wipes, use panty liners and always carry extra panties. Avoid using gels or soaps to wash away the odour as it can disrupt the natural chemical balance of the vagina.

5. Welcome back pimples!

Remember those ugly pimples and how you hated them while you were a teenager? Well, gear up to welcome them during pregnancy. The hormone game can cause a whole lot of things, one of them being breakouts.

Remember to keep yourself hydrated and also use a normal face wash, after consulting your doctor.

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