5 frustrating struggles short women face during pregnancy!

Most of the times being a petite woman is a blessing! You get to shop in the juniors section, you can date men of all heights and you also get to wear super high heels, without looking like a tower. However, like for everything, being petite also comes with a bag of cons, especially when you are pregnant.

From not being able to find the right maternity wear to having other pregnancy complications, here’s what petite women face when they are pregnant.  

1. Feeling like a beach ball

Shorter women undergo fewer changes during pregnancy. Their petite body, the huge belly, the overgrown breasts make them look like a beach ball. And let’s not even get started about the problems they face in the last trimester, carrying themselves around. Their duck-like gait might look pretty ridiculous for anyone walking behind them.

2. Maternity clothes never fit right

Finding maternity clothes for petite women can be a hard task. Add a round belly and it can be even more challenging. Most of the maternity brands are designed for average-sized women and it only looks baggy and long on petite women. The only solution is to buy one size larger from the normal section, instead of shopping in the maternity section.

3. Feel like the baby is squashed inside

Petite women have little space inside for their baby to grow and as a result they end up carrying heavy. And even when the baby kicks, their feet can hit the mother’s ribs, resulting in an excruciating pain.  This positioning also makes it hard for the mother to breathe.

4. Having shorter pregnancies

Recent studies reveal that shorter women tend to have shorter pregnancies. The height of the mother tends to shorten the duration of the pregnancy, thereby resulting in premature babies and other complications. But wait! Don’t panic, because height is only one of the factors that will determine your baby’s development or what size your baby will be.

5. Being labeled too small for vaginal birth

It is a myth that short woman cannot give birth naturally and will mostly end up being strapped in the hospital theatre. However, this is not true. Very few women have a narrow pelvis, a condition called cephalopelvic disproportion. And even if petite women have big babies, it does not mean they cannot deliver normally.  

Feature Image Source: momjunction.com