5 accessories you’ll need to help you sleep better

Sleep is absolutely essential for a happy and healthy life, all the more so now that you are pregnant. But pregnancy makes sleeping so much tougher with all the toilet trips, the heartburn, the anxiety, etc. There are a lot of lifestyle choices that one can make to ensure one has a better sleep. There also are certain accessories that can help you sleep better. Here is a list for you to take a pick from:1. A JournalMore often than not, thoughts about the day, your pregnancy, the baby, life after the baby, etc. create havoc in your head making sleeping tough. Maintain a journal and write down all your thoughts before you go to bed to brain-drain and snooze away.2. Essential OilsThe key to good sleep is to relax. Try a foot soak, bath or just spray little essential oils on your bed and let it work its magic.3. Dim LightsLights play an important role in letting you wind down. Switch to yellow dim lights well before bed-time and gradually wind down to a good sleep.4. Body PillowWith all the aches, pains and heartburn you would love a pillow just about on all sides. Managing them all with the bump could be tough so invest in a good body pillow for all around support and sleep peacefully.5. A comfortable mattressThe mattress you sleep on is critical to a good sleep. Get one which has ample support. There are variations like cooling mattresses, adjustable base, etc. which are worth a try for extra comfort to get you to sleep better.