40 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 40

Your baby this week - Week 40

Your baby is the size of a watermelon and your pregnancy is officially close to finish.

 All systems are a go! Your baby is all set to meet you and it’s just the matter of Mother Nature giving the final green signal. If your baby has come, then the first thing to look for: if it’s a he or a she. Then you’ve had a normal delivery, you’ll probably be too tired to notice that your baby is still sticky from the blood, vernix, lanugo, and the amniotic fluid. You look blurry to the baby, because at that stage, a baby can focus only up to one inch. But their ears are as sharp as ever, and they can recognize you and your partner by your voices.

 Your baby is still curled in a fetal position and hasn’t probably realized that he or she has room to spread the limbs. Having been cramped in the uterus for 9 months, your baby still loves being swaddled because it reminds them of the uterus.

 If your baby has not come yet, hang in there, it’s a matter of a few days. Your doctor can definitely understand your discomfort, anxiety and frustration. Enjoy these last few days with your partner, and if the doctor permits, get intimate. Sex is known to induce and speed up the labour. Or if you are not in much of a hurry, sleep, sleep and just sleep. Take as much rest as you can.


Your pregnancy this week - Week 40

40 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

You are in the 40th week of pregnancy and seeing the finishing line! You are officially at the end of your pregnancy, although just because your doctor has given you a date doesn’t mean that your baby knows it. Many pregnancies carry on till 42 weeks – but don’t fret, your doctor won’t let you carry the baby with you beyond that.

One symptom of the onset of labor is the water breaking. Contrary to the horror stories and movies where water breaking is shown like a huge torrent of liquid, water breaking takes place in the form of a slow leak. The amniotic fluid is odorless and colorless. Also another way to confirm if water has really broke is to try the Kegel exercises. If you are able to control the flow, then its urine. If you cannot control the flow, then your water has broken. One thing’s for sure – if your water has broken before contractions, then labor is likely to start within 24 hours. If your water breaks and the fluid is green or brown, contact your doctor immediately.

In short, once your water breaks, regardless of where you are and what you are doing, don’t ignore this symptom and go directly to your doctor.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 40

You are no doubt worrying about labour pain at this time and how to best manage it. Also, if you are opting to have a c-section, what can you do for a smoother recovery process? How do you get your baby’s birth certificate? To find answers to these questions and more, sign up free with ZenParent’s Great Beginnings. We have all the information you’ll need for your delivery and for newborn care, customised especially for you.