38 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 38

Your baby this week - Week 38

Your baby is the size of a winter melon and weighs close to 7 lbs (3.2 kgs).

At this stage, your baby is packing up pound and storing fat under its skin to help regulate body temperature after birth. While all the organ systems are developed and functioning, the lungs are the last to mature. Even after birth, it will take some time for your baby to start breathing normally. They continue to produce surfactant – a substance that doesn’t allow the air sacs in the lungs to stick to one another, once the baby starts breathing. But they are developed enough to work with the baby’s vocal chords to help create the most melodious sounds ever – wails and cries.

The highlight of this week’s development is the color of your baby’s eyes. In utero, your baby’s eyes dark grey or brown or blue, and that’s what you see when your baby is born. The true color of your baby eyes will emerge at the age of one. If it’s a baby girl, then her labia is now fully developed, making her clitoris less prominent.


Your pregnancy this week - Week 38

38 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Two more weeks to go! Chances are you are feeling huge and uncomfortable right now. It’s okay and it’s natural to feel so. Take it easy, and watch a film, read a book or just sleep while you can.

If you must do something fruitful, then talk to your doctor and your partner about the pain relief options available to you during birthing. Know the pros and cons of each option offered to you and make a decision accordingly.

While you wait for the D-Day to arrive, you may notice that your breasts are leaking a yellowish fluid. This is your body preparing to breastfeed your baby and the liquid is called colostrum. If the flow is too much, try nursing pads till the D-Day arrives. However, if you are not experiencing any leaky breasts, that’s not a cause to worry either. Not all women have leaky breasts. Know that your breasts are producing colostrum and will be ready to produce it when time comes.

Do you have a sudden urge to clean up your home from top to bottom? Or to organize your wardrobe? Chalk it up to the nesting instincts that unfurl themselves during pregnancy. Nature’s gift to a woman’s maternal instincts. Go ahead and follow up on your instincts, but don’t wear yourself out.

Are you in labor or not? If you are facing irregular hardening of you uterus and you think you might be in labor, here’s a little test to check. Change your position and see if you still feel the contractions. If you still do, then you’re most likely experiencing labor. If not, this is just a case of Braxton Hicks contractions.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 38

Things that may be giving you sleepless nights at this time, other than discomfort from the big belly is, how you will cope in the days after delivery. How will you effectively manage labour and delivery? Worry not. We have all the answers for you. If you haven’t yet packed your hospital bag for delivery, it’s time to do it NOW. To know what to pack and to find answers to all your questions relating to delivery, newborn care and management, sign up with ZenParent’s Great Beginnings!