36 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 36

Your baby this week - Week 36

Your baby is the size of a canary melon (called Sharda in Hindi), weighs nearly 6 lbs (2.7 kgs) and is 19 inches (45 cms) long from head to toe.

Your baby is dropping now – lightening/engagement – and your lungs and stomach will finally get a chance to stretch out a little. By the end of this week, your baby will be a full term baby.

Your baby’s weight gain will likely slow down by this week, as it is ready for the delivery.

By now, pretty much all the systems in your baby’s body are pretty mature. The blood circulation is perfect and the immune system is mature enough to protect him/her from outside infection. However, the digestive system is not yet mature enough, because till now the baby has been relying on the umbilical cord for nutrition. The baby will take a year or two to fully develop the digestive system.  


 Your pregnancy this week - Week 36

36 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Hurrah, you are ALMOST there now that you are in the 36th week of pregnancy! You have now started feeling an increased pressure on your lower abdomen. This is called lightening or engagement. You will find that your stomach and lungs are a bit free now and you are finding it easy to breathe, eat and maybe stretch a bit. But you may face a slight discomfort in walking. You may also feel that the baby may fall out any time (not going to happen, so don’t worry!). Most babies by this time are in the head down position; except for a few who are still breech or feet down.

Don’t worry if your baby moves less now. With the lack of space in your tummy, there is no room for the little one to perform the disco or the jazz. Also you will notice a slight vaginal discharge, don’t be alarmed if you spot a little bit of a blood in the discharge. This can happen weeks, days or even hours before the actual labor starts.

Gearing up for D-Day should start full steam now with the following activities: 

  • Go over your hospital bag now and make sure you have covered all the bases.

  • Revise the birth plan with your partner and have a Plan B, if he is unreachable for some reason.

  • Study the signs of true labor and observe your body keenly. But stay calm and collected.

  • Have a little bit of beauty treatment so that you look good for your post-delivery photos.

But remember, while you are at it, take care of yourself and take rest – physical, mental and emotional. Anxiety and tension is not going to help you at all at this stage of pregnancy. Instead get creative with your birth announcements on the social media. Better to harness your excitement in a creative manner.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 36

You are probably considering what kind of diapers you will use for your baby. Cloth diapers/nappies or disposable ones? What are the pros and cons of each? You may also have questions about the onset of labour and induction of labour through medication and when is the latter used? To find answers to these questions and more, sign up with ZenParent’s Great Beginnings. We have all the information you’ll need for your pregnancy and for newborn care, customised especially for you.