33 weeks pregnant – Your pregnancy guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 33

Your baby this week - Week 33

In the 33rd week of pregnancy, your baby is the size of the head of a lettuce, weighs 2 kgs and measures 17 inches (44 cms).

By now your doctor is going to be keeping a close watch on the baby’s position. Sometimes the baby can’t seem to make up the mind and flip over from heads down to breech position. Your baby’s skull is quite pliable, which makes the baby easy to come out of the narrow birth canal. But the rest of the bones are quite hard and the baby’s skin is also smoothing away the wrinkles.

An important development this week is that by now your baby has their own immune system! Your body passes on antibodies to your little one to help them fend off germs when they are outside.


 Your body this week - Week 33

33 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Almost a month since the third trimester has started and your body will give you many reasons to not sleep comfortably – pregnancy heartburn, weight gain, the bump, midnight runs to the loo, cravings. And if you do fall asleep, you are most likely going to be getting some really weird dreams.

At 33 weeks, you are going to need lots and lots of rest, and worrying about not being able to fall asleep is counterproductive to your health. Risk such as preeclampsia may find a resurgence around this time so keep your blood pressure under check. So don’t look at the clock ticking the minutes passing by, but get comfortable instead. If you are unable to fall asleep, then get in a comfortable position and read a light book or listen to some calming music till drowsiness sets in.

If you have been given the green signal by your doctor, then sex is not a bad idea to keep the chemistry crackling between the two of you. Try positions that have you on the top.

If you haven’t already started, this would be a good time to start tracking the fetal movement twice in a day – once in the morning and once in the night.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week  33

At this time, you may be worried about preterm labour and delivering a premature baby. Don’t worry unnecessarily! Also, a lot of women worry about postpartum depression, since so much has been written about this recently. To find answers to these concerns and more, sign up with ZenParent’s Great Beginnings. We have all the information you’ll need for your pregnancy and for newborn care, customised especially for you.