3 Ways to Relieve Numbness During Pregnancy

numbness during pregnancy

Numbness is a sensation where you feel you have lost feeling in your hands and feet. It could also be a prickly kind feeling where you feel like pins and needles are being poked all over your body.

Pressure being exerted on the joints and other body parts from swelling in a short time usually leads to this sensation of numbness. It can also happen if you have been in a certain position for an extended period of time or a lot of pressure is exerted on one part of the body for an extended period of time.

Numbness is experienced mostly in the night or immediately after you are up. Numbness may be experienced in your legs or arms or hands or feet.

You could relieve numbness by trying one of the following:

  • Cold compresses
    Placing your hands in ice-cold water or a bag of frozen peas pressed against the numb region could ease numbness. Gently move your hands and wrists to facilitate circulation. You could also wrap the area with green or white cabbage leaves (you will need to clean them and cool them by placing in the fridge first) it will draw out excess fluid and ease the swelling and numbness.
  • Exercises
    Massaging in circular motions one wrist with your other hand could help facilitate fluid circulation and thus ease the congestion. Stretch your arms and hands gently avoiding any movements which are painful. Some stretches could end up increasing the numbness and associated pain.
  • Massages
    Massage the hands and wrists moving upwards to your armpits, and then massage your shoulders, neck and upper back; this can help relieve numbness.