26 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 26

Your baby this week - Week 26

Size of the baby: 35.56cm

Weight of the baby: 753gm

Your ‘red cabbage-sized’ baby has sharper ears now and is probably hearing you and your partner talk.

She is practising for her breathing air after her birth by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluids in small amounts now. These are helping her lungs develop.

She continues to add on baby fat.

She also has in all probability settled into a sleep pattern now. If you are lucky hers should synchronise with yours.

She may slowly begin to open her eyes now but her vision is still to develop. She will respond to light being flashed on to your belly more promptly now. Her iris still lack pigmentation.

If she is actually a ‘he’, then his testicles will soon begin to descend into the scrotum. This should take about 2-3 months.

Discuss your post baby decisions like working, going over to your mother’s for delivery, etc now.


26 Weeks Pregnant - Your body this week

26 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

With you in the 26th week of pregnancy, you are at almost two-thirds of your pregnancy journey and gaining a lot of weight. This is a part of the pregnancy and don’t worry you should be able to lose it post baby with healthy lifestyle choices.

Your blood pressure may be slightly increased now, but still lower than what it was pre-pregnancy. Your blood pressure begins to drop towards the end of the first trimester and tends to be low round about this time.

It is still early days for pre-eclampsia symptoms to be pronounced but it would pay to be on the lookout.

You may experience more back ache issues now with the growing belly and breasts. Stretch yourself from time to time to ease those joints and pains.

The swelling uterus is now pushing at your abdomen which may cause your belly button to protrude. This is perfectly normal and post baby it should go back.

You might observe increased vaginal discharge now. Using special wipes or washes may only aggravate the irritation as they alter the pH in the genital tract. Wash the area frequently to stay clean.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 26

At this time, you may have questions regarding vaginal hygiene or vaginal infections during pregnancy. Some women may also experience spotting at this time. What are the precautions you should take to manage thyroid problem during pregnancy? Find answers to all of these through our week by week pregnancy articles customized for you.