25 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 25

Your baby this week - Week 25

Size of the baby: 34.29cm

Weight of the baby: 680gm

Your ‘rutabaga (shalgam)-sized’ baby is slowly losing her lean look as she begins to stock up on baby fat now. Her skin will slowly lose its wrinkly look and smoothen out.

Small blood vessels called capillaries are forming under her skin and filling with blood. This is giving her skin a pinkish tinge. Blood vessels are also forming in her lungs – so they are edging towards maturity now.

Her nostrils have started to open now. She is now going to breathe via it now but her nostrils are practising to breathe. She is still breathing from your amniotic fluid.

Her hair is growing a lot now and getting texture and colour slowly now.

You should set aside time this week to spend with your partner. Though you should be doing this all along the pregnancy, you might want to surprise him and connect better emotionally and physically now.


25 Weeks Pregnant - Your body this week

25 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

As you make your way into the 25th week of your pregnancy, your tummy is growing larger now as your baby prepares to add on the kilos faster. You may find yourself a little less graceful than before thanks to all the weight gain and shifting centre of gravity. This just means you need to be a little extra careful moving about now.

Your growing belly has contributed to an increased number of stretch marks. It may have also have contributed toward increased heart burn. Making changes to what you eat and how you eat could go a long way in help making the symptoms mild or even go away.

Round about the same time as the Glucose Challenge Test you will be asked to take a blood test checking for iron-deficiency anaemia.

You hair is growing thicker and fuller now and they look nice and shiny. Hormonal changes are giving them the nice shine and also ensuring that the daily hair loss is not happening now. Post the baby though the extra hair should all fall off.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 25

You may be getting a lot of pregnancy advice and suggestions from friends and family at this time - a lot of it unsolicited! Read our articles to sift fact from fiction so you don’t fall prey to the myths about pregnancy going around. Learn more about the right way of eating out while pregnant. And about what you can do to manage the unwanted pigmentation that you might be noticing in your body. You’ll find all of this information and more in our week by week pregnancy articles customized just for you.