24 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 24

Your baby this week - Week 24

Size of the baby: 30.48cm

Weight of the baby: 603gm

Your ‘corn ear-sized’ baby is growing steadily now. She is considered viable now in case of an event of premature birth.

She is well proportioned and lean right now but will soon plump up. Her brain continues to develop rapidly and her taste buds are also developing.

Her lungs are branching out into the respiratory trees and cells that produce ‘surfactant.’

She has plenty of room yet so she continues to move around in your belly. Her inner ear which controls balance has developed so she can identify which position she is in and turn around causing further movements for you.

Her eyebrows, eyelashes and hair are all fully formed and covering her face. They still lack pigment though so are still white.

Her hearing is continuously improving and she may begin to respond to your voice around this time.

Make a list of all the things that need to be repaired in the house now. Post the baby you will have very little time and energy to devote for those.


 24 Weeks Pregnant - Your body this week

24 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

The top of your uterus is now above your belly button in the 24th week of pregnancy.
You might be asked to take the Glucose Challenge Test some time now to check for elevated blood sugar or gestational diabetes during pregnancy. It is essential to do the test now so that in case it is positive it can be treated to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

You might feel a tingling sensation or numbness in your wrists and fingers now. There is a possibility that these could be a sign of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. The fluids retained in the lower parts of the body get redistributed when you lie down and put pressure on the nerves. This causes the numbness.

You may also observe red itchy palms and feet now thanks to the Progesterone hormone.

Sleeping might be getting tougher now with the belly growing and all.

You also need to keep in mind and look out for signs of preterm labour from now on.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 24

This may be the time when your are starting to see your first stretch marks. What is the best way to manage them? Are you being bothered by gas during pregnancy at this time? And how much sugar during pregnancy should be consumed? Get all these answered through Zenparent’s week by week pregnancy articles customized just for you.