23 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 23

Your baby this week - Week 23

Size of the baby: 27.94cm

Weight of the baby: 454gm (just over)

 Your ‘large mango-sized’ baby is sensing a lot more than you think nowadays. Her brain cells are developing rapidly now especially those of movement, sensory and functions like breathing. Her keen ears are picking up the familiar sounds outside in the world. She can identify the usual noises in the womb now like the dog, the mixer, etc. and she is unfazed. She can feel you move about now.

She is still breathing amniotic fluid but her lungs have begun producing ‘surfactant’ a substance that enables air sacs to inflate and lungs to fully expand. Blood vessels are developing to help her get ready to breathe.

Her skin is still a bit saggy now but that is just till it fills out with fat deposits. By the time she is born she should be properly filled out and all chubby. Also till the fat deposits her skin is pretty transparent.

You should be able to see her move about under your clothes now.

You could write a letter to your baby or make a collage of all that you are going through to help you make that transition to being a mom.


23 Weeks Pregnant - Your body this week

23 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Into the 23rd week of pregnancy,  you are steadily gaining weight now, so it is important to have a healthy diet to ensure that you do not gain more weight than required. Ensure your diet is well balanced with all the required vitamins and minerals. Now may be a good time to invest in some maternity clothes and more specifically, maternity bras, as your breasts grow heavier and bigger in preparation for the baby.

The pregnancy hormones might be kicking in and causing the mommy-brain to surface. So you seem to be forgetting keeping stuff, taking stuff, dates, etc. Relax it is normal right now.

Also your ankles and feet are beginning to swell due to slow circulation. You should ensure you stretch them regularly and that you are having enough fluids.

Your gums may begin to bleed now because of the hormones causing them to swell. The best thing to do is to avoiding chewy sweets and brushing regularly.

Your back pain may get aggravated now because of the increasing weight. Ensure you keep a proper posture and take regular breaks from standing or sitting for long stretches.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 23

Physically, the things that may be bothering you at this time include frequent urination and excessive itching during pregnancy. What might this be happening? Are you beginning to get plagued by cramps especially leg cramps? Get all these answered through Zenparent’s week-by-week articles customised to your stage in pregnancy.