20 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 20

Your baby this week - Week 20

Size of the baby: 16.51cm

Weight of the baby: 298gm

 Your ‘banana-sized’ baby is beginning to look more and more like you and your partner with each passing day.

She is busy using her well-developed limbs now to curl, flex and kick about in the uterus. There is still room in your tummy but you should be feeling her kicks by now. Now that your baby can hear you, you may want to consider playing music for baby in the womb.

Your baby is swallowing more now. She is putting her digestive system to good practice. This is also causing her to produce a black, sticky ‘meconium’ a by-product of all the digestion. This gooey substance will all accumulate in her bowels and if she doesn’t pass it out in your womb or during delivery you will see it in her first soiled nappy.

The baby’s sweat glands are forming this week.

Also all the immunities you have are now being transferred to your foetus.

You reached the halfway mark, celebrate and indulge yourself!


20 Weeks Pregnant - Your body this week

20 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

With the 20th week of pregnancy, you have now reached the halfway mark of your pregnancy. Yay! You definitely look pregnant now at least on the side profile. You are gaining weight also at a good pace now.

You might find sleeping through the night tougher now.

You are prone to heartburn and indigestion more than ever before so take care to avoid all food that triggers them for you. Take time to digest your meals before hitting the bed and try sleeping with your upper body elevated for some respite.

Your leg cramps are increasing so try light exercises and stretches to keep cramps at bay. You could walk around too.

Get into the habit of sleeping on your sides with knees bent for comfort.

You might be worrying too much about the labour and baby, thus having sleepless nights. Anxiety during pregnancy is common of course, but just relax and try and go to sleep on a calm mind, rationalize your fears and control your imagination! 


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 20

You have probably started to think about the kind of delivery you want to have. Will it be a normal birth or an Elective C section?  And what are the pros and cons of each? Vitamin B foods are important for you at this time. What are the Vitamin B rich foods that you can have? Learn about all this and more right here in ZenParent.