19 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 19

Your baby this week - Week 19

Size of the baby: 15.24cm

Weight of the baby: 241gm

 Your ‘-sized’ baby’s heartbeat is getting stronger.

As her skin could pickle being in the amniotic fluid her body is forming a wax-like protective coating around itself called ‘vernix caseosa’ this also helps regulate her body temperature.

Her sensory development is in full swing now with her brain forming specialized areas for touch, smell, taste, hearing and vision. She should be able to hear your voice now, so do not hesitate to talk to her or sing to her now. This will help the both of you bond. A lot of  parents at this time start to play soothing music for the baby in the womb.

Her body, arms and legs are all in the correct proportions to each other now.

If your baby is a girl, the early ovaries contain follicles with forming eggs. So that’s like half the genetic material for your future grandchild are getting formed, wow!

You might want to start planning and thinking about who will take care of the baby when you have to get back to work. This is not an easy decision and thus needs the time.


19 Weeks Pregnant - Your body this week

19 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Now that you’re in the 19th week of pregnancy, your body is growing and it is going to continue to do so in the coming weeks as well. You may feel more wobbly now with the shifting centre of gravity.

You might begin to experience some aches and pains now. You may experience ‘round ligament pain’ which is from the ligaments supporting the uterus stretching. It may feel like a pain in the lower abdomen or a stabbing pain to the side(s). This is nothing to worry but call your gynaecologist if the pain persists even when you rest or gets severe.

Your hands may begin to redden thanks to the increase in estrogen. You may have some patches of darkened skin on your upper lip, cheeks and forehead due to increase in pigments (thanks to your hormones!) this is known as the ‘chloasma’ or ‘mask of pregnancy’ This should go away once the baby is born but till then protect yourself in the sun where pigmentation increases. You may also notice now the ‘linea nigra’ or ‘dark line’ which is the darkened line running from your bellybutton to the pubic bone.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 19

Some of the things that you may want to know more about at this time include home remedies for heartburn and the treatment of cold and cough during pregnancy. Cough for some women can last longer when they are pregnant and you may want to read about safe home remedies for cold and cough management. Get answers for all of these and more through Zenparent’s week by week pregnancy articles customized just for you.