18 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 18

Your Baby This Week- Week 18

Size of the baby: 13.97cm

Weight of the baby: 198gm

 Your ‘bell-pepper or capsicum’ sized baby is more active than ever now. She still has a lot of room to kick and move around so you still might not be feeling her moves as yet, but it should be soon.

Your baby has by now mastered the ‘yawn’ and if lucky you might be able to see it in the ultrasound due this month.

A layer called ‘myelin’ is beginning to form around her nerves which are forming complex connections now. The nerves in her brain are further specializing into those of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing. Yes her hearing is more sensitive now and also her ears are almost fully in place, at the sides of her head.

If your baby is a girl – her uterus and fallopian tubes are in place now and if your baby is a boy – well his genitals are showing now, though you can’t (are not allowed) see them.

 Your hospital may have classes for birthing, you might want to check. Also check if any such classes happen in your city, attending those are useful.


18 Weeks Pregnant - Your Body

18 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Now that you’re in your 18th week of pregnancy, you are hungrier and it is essential that you try and eat healthier than having junk. With your growing appetite your waistline is going to be growing so dress up in comfortable and stretchy clothes.

You are also going to be feeling more aches and pains now in your back and legs. This is due to the growing belly and the relaxing of muscles, weakening them. Try a nice warm bath to soothe the aches.

You might want to start lying on your side from now on, as the belly will begin to put a lot of pressure on the veins which could result in much less blood being brought back to the heart. Your cardiovascular system is going through major changes too now and your blood pressure could take a dip. This is probably why getting up from a lying or sitting position too quickly makes you feel dizzy.

Keep exercising (even walking is good) and if you haven’t begun please do check with your doctor and begin gradually. Also, meditation during pregnancy is recommended and you might want to gradually get acquainted with that now.


Things to know about pregnancy in Week 18

You may be given a Glucose tolerance test around this time to ensure that you are not suffering from gestational diabetes, a condition that is usually temporary and affects 18% of pregnant women. You may also have questions about comfortable sex positions during pregnancy at this stage. Another concern a lot of women have,  is piles during pregnancy. Read about all these and more right here on ZenParent. Our articles are customized and are relevant for your stage of pregnancy.