16 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 16

Your baby this week - Week 16

Size of the baby: 11.43cm

Weight of the baby: 99gm

 Your ‘avacado-sized’ baby is now at the beginning of a growth spurt so be prepared. She is going to double her weight and add length in the next few weeks. She is now kicking her legs well as they are appreciably longer now and she still has a lot of space inside the womb.

The head is more erect and the eyes are getting closer to the final position in the front of the face. The ears too are almost at their final positions at the sides of the head. Her toenails are growing and so has the patterning on her scalp begun.Her heart is also pumping a lot of blood now and this will keep increasing as you advance in your pregnancy.

 Plan some quality time to spend with your partner. Either go for a short holiday or just go out for a movie and dinner, whatever works for you!


16 Weeks Pregnant  - Your body

16 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

You are settling in well into the second trimester now and have made your way into the 16th week of pregnancy. Your nausea and mood swings are now things of the past. You are feeling much better about yourself and the pregnancy.

You are gaining weight now and growing larger as there is increased blood and amniotic fluid in your body now. You may even have bought your first set of maternity wear! Your breasts are growing larger but your belly may not be ‘showing’ enough as yet. Do not worry too much about the weight gain unless it is too much or too less. Consult your gynaecologist and regulate your diet as required. Have you developed any pregnancy cravings or aversions yet? Now, or soon enough you might have the insuppressible urge to eat ice-cream at midnight or raw tamarind or lemon. Indulge yourself!

If this is your second or subsequent pregnancy, chances are you will feel the baby move round about this time.

If this is your first pregnancy you may not yet feel the baby’s movements. But do not worry you will feel them soon.

Initial movements feels like gas bubbles or flutters in the belly and will pass soon. With time though you will feel them more strongly and they will be more frequent.


Things you should know about your pregnancy - Week 16

Some of the things that may be bothering you this week are leg cramps during pregnancy. You might also have questions regarding travel in the 2nd trimester. Or about whether or not it is safe to wear heels during pregnancy. Get all these answered through Zenparent’s week by week pregnancy articles customized just for you.