14 Weeks Pregnant – Your Pregnancy Guide

Your Baby This Week – Week 14

Your Baby this week - Week 14

Size of the baby: 8.7cm

Weight of the baby: 43gm 

Your ‘lemon-sized’ baby is now able to do so much more from squinting to frowning to peeing and even maybe sucking her thumb!

Her body is growing faster than her head now and by the end of this week her hands should have grown in proportion to her body length.All over her body she is now slowly developing lanugo – an ultra-fine covering of hair.

Her facial muscles due to brain impulses are able to form various facial expressions.

Her kidneys are now producing urine which is released into the amniotic sac, something which should happen till birth.

Her liver will start making bile by this week.

Her spleen should begin to help in the production of red blood cells.

Your little one is now quite flexible and active though it is still going to be a while before you feel her tiny punches and kicks.


14 Weeks Pregnant - Your body

Yay! You are now in your 14th week of pregnancy and have officially begun your second trimester.

14 Weeks Pregnant – Your Body

Things should begin to look up now – the morning sickness from the previous weeks should be slowly, if not totally, going away now; your energy should be coming back and your breasts feeling less sensitive. In case the nausea is still there, well, hold on as in all probability it should be gone soon enough.

Your uterus is now above the pubic bone which might make your stomach stretching out a little and you showing! You now have visible proof that the baby is on it’s way.

This is a time to eat more foods that are nutrient-dense. Iron rich foods during pregnancy, like chicken liver and kidney beans and folic acid rich foods like lentils and dried beans are great. You might, if you haven’t already, want to talk to your doctor about iron supplements. Iron will help you build resistance to stress and disease, as well as help you avoid tiredness and weakness. Anemia in pregnancy is something your doctor will keep an eye out for.

This may of course make you worry (more if you already were) about the pregnancy and everything but do not. Just relax, enjoy and daydream about the baby while focusing on taking good care of yourself and the baby.

You are prepared and are more than able to handle whatever is to come your way.


Things you should know about your Pregnancy Week 14

The above was a quick summary of your body this week. As suggested earlier, exercise during pregnancy is important and you might want to begin giving your body some workout if you have not yet begun! You may have specific questions regarding contracting Chickenpox during pregnancy and how that can affect you and your baby. Find more on this and other related issues here.