10 Relaxation Techniques for Pregnancy

pregnancy relaxation

10 Relaxation Techniques for Pregnancy

So you are stressed pretty much with the high pressure situations around you (be it on the work-front or home-front or both.) The pregnancy is only making things worse for your stress levels. Now you might still have a perfectly healthy baby but the consistently high levels of anxiety are not good for the baby. Stress hormone ‘cortisol’ moves from your blood through the placenta to your baby and this may create issues with your child’s emotional development.

Relaxation techniques during pregnancy

How do you keep your mind relaxed and anxiety free? Try these:

  1. Take a break and relax - Even if only for an afternoon, take time off from everything and just put your feet up and relax
  2. Get a massage - A nice and proper massage is an excellent way to de-stress.
  3. Eat healthy - Having all the essential nutrients in your diet can help lift your spirits.
  4. Exercise - Exercise helps stretch your muscles and relax.
  5. Ask for help if you need it- Trying to do it all is not really sensible, if you need help go ahead and ask for it.
  6. Make travel easier - A lot of the stress could be from the journey time to and from work, try and discuss options of flexi-timings at work or request for seating when travelling.
  7. Sort out money matters - Find out all about your maternity benefits, plan and budget your expenses for the next few months if worried about money.
  8. Understand and know more about the pregnancy - Knowing all about your pregnancy can help you cope with it better.
  9. Discuss and open up - Let people know what is stressing you; talking could help lift the load of you.
  10. Spoil yourself - No time like now to indulge a little, whether it be getting a spa or spending time with friends.