10 pregnancy milestones to record and get excited about

Pregnancy is *so* exciting with so many new things happening to you, your body and your family. Here are things to record for posterity –1. First positive HPT – The first ever inkling of a life within, take a picture of your first positive home pregnancy test. The shock, the disbelief, the joy, the elation – that pee stick sees it all! Many people save the test itself. We wouldn’t recommend that for hygiene reasons. But, a picture, yes, absolutely!2. First signs of nausea – Yes, the baby is well and truly on it’s way. And you never feel pregnant as you do when morning sickness strikes.3. First glimpse – The all important ultrasound when you first see your baby and listen to her heart is a wow moment.4. End of the first trimester – Now is the time to shout out the news from the rooftops! Most of the risks associated with the first trimester have passed. Now you’re free to share the news with one and all.5. End of nausea – What better reason to celebrate and welcome the golden trimester?The second trimester is considered so because your nausea has abated, you’re not quite as big to be clumsy and basically, you can have a swell time before the third and all-too-real trimester begins.6. First maternity jeans – What better relief than to not buckle your uncomfortable jeans? Here’s to more shopping!7. First bump – Strangers know! What a relief not to have to tell someone!8. First kick – It’s official. Little Messi inside wants to make his presence known. Those flutters were kicks all along!9. First contraction – Wait, he’s coming out, NOW?10. Baby’s here – The culmination of 9 months, the literal fruits of labour – the baby is here. Could life get better?