10 Calcium rich foods that won’t add to your weight

10 low fat calcium rich foods

Studies have shown that calcium can help you lose weight – but only if it’s from dairy, and not other plant sources. This is because of a synergistic relationship between protein and calcium, which isn’t present in plant sources. Here’s the scoop –

  • Low fat cheeses –Cheeses pack in the punch at close to 950 mg/100g serving. That’s almost 95% of the daily dietary value you need to be hitting. So, say cheese!
  • Low fat milk – 183 mg/ 100 g of milk. That’s about 18% of your dietary needs. Drink up and lose weight to boot!
  • Low fat yogurt – 220 mg/100g serving. Again, an easy way to get 30% of your daily requirement. With flavours and tastes to choose from, getting your calcium fix just got super easy.
  • Canned fish – At 383 mg/100 g serving, these tiny fish aren’t to be ignored as calcium sources.
  • Cooked eggs – Protein, choline and  102 mg of calcium? Could the egg get any healthier? Having eggs at breakfast is best so as to avoid any possible weight gain, giving them time to be absorbed and digested through the day.
  • Almonds – 264 mg/100 g serving. A handful of nuts is a great evening snack keeping you full and healthy.
  • Green leafy vegetables – Full of fibre, water and 120 mg/100 g of calcium, the greens are a great way to lose weight and get full, while stocking up the calcium.
  • Fortified soy tofu – 350 mg/100 g serving, a block of tofu has an entire day’s worth dietary fulfilment of calcium for you. However, go easy on it as studies have shown that it could eventually contribute to weight gain in high quantities.
  • Orange juice – Fortified orange juice is a great breakfast choice and can give you up to 350 mg/ glass.
  • Turnip greens – Often rejected as “waste”, these little fellas are packed with calcium – 240 mg/100 g. Choose instead to make a pesto with them and reap the benefits.