Top Pre-schools in Indore

Steady but slow, a child needs to make a start and this is where the Pre-schools come into the picture. Pre-schools are like an inevitable part of a kid holistic development. It helps prepare a kid to learn a little before they get far in the footsteps of the further process and improvement.

1.5 years, this is the actual age when the parents should start thinking of admitting their kids to the pre-school for the nurturing of the best qualities they have, the habits they hold and the behavior they must inculcate since the very early childhood. The pre-schools are also another means for the kids to engage along with some other fellow children who fall under the same age category. The aim behind the same is to make them learn from different personalities by being in a different environment and associating them with situations to face tasks smaller but challenging for them to improve.

Either way, herein presented is the list of top 10 best play school in Indore with their rating for what the parents think them best for. These schools are the ones recommended by the parents who enrolled their kids therein to learn from the best. Make sure to give a little time for the below-mentioned before making a choice.

10 Best Play School In Indore

#1. Globe Tot’ers

It is one Birla Preschool located in Vijaynagar. Parents have rated this school 5 out of 5 for what the school offers the kids with. The school presents the students with a strong collaboration program for teacher-parents and makes sure to provide every little information therein. The classrooms herein are, well-ventilated too and the bright indoors are best for the improved learning experience. This is one best school in Indore which has an in-house kitchen, which helps in preparing hygienic food for the kids. So, if you are looking around for one in all, among the best playschool in Indore, this pre-school is one best choice.

#2. Vedant pre-school

Rated 5 out of 5, the campus of Vedaant pre-school is in Vijaynagar. The school runs with the aim towards the inculcating of the zeal which can connect with innovation, creativeness, and confidence-building among the students therein. They believe in excellence and this is why they provide a ratio of 1:10 for the teacher-student. The campus of Vedaant has a spacious playground, swimming and sand pools, mini zoo, skating rink, etc. They even provide the students with horse, elephant, and camel riding facilities. So, why look after just education, when one can find much more than the same?

#3. bachpan play school

Located in Shakti Nagar, this is one school that has been rated 5 out of 5 by the parents of this famous pre-school chain. With what one can read through its reviews, capturing along the varied locations in India, this pre-school also gained its name through the parents of Indore. 3D smart boards, talking books (Speak-o-Book), training classes by the Nursery teacher and whatnot. All we can see around the place is innovation, facilities, and technology. Splash pool, AV room, Doll and activity room, little gym, craft rooms, dining area, all of it, just for the kids to learn and to reassure that they get all that they deserve from a very early age.

#4. the tree house

Another well-known pre-school located in the Vijaynagar area has been rated 4.5 out of 5. The main focus laid upon by the management herein is the communication and the kid’s cognitive skills. If one asks what is missing, well it’s hard to say as they have theme-based activities, water plays, festival celebrations, dramatics, all part of the daily activities. The school also conducts regular summer camps, has daycares to help the parents and also conducts hobby classes. So, what else one might demand? The Tree House is like a complete package for what a parent might demand and look for among best playschool in Indore.

#5. Shri Ram Centennial

Located in Vasant Vihar, this pre-school has been rated 4.5 out of 5. They are known for the best of learning which is motivated by methods like, exploration, conversation and even experimentation. Herein one can find some of the interactive theme-based activities and sports facilities with in-built swimming pools, etc. Either way, this place is one best that offers a unique play way program for the kids enrolled therein with the most advanced technologies used for teaching.

#6. Little Millennium

Manish Puri, this is where this pre-school is located. Same like Vedaant, this school maintains a teacher-student ratio as 1:10. Herein one can find a strong research and development team working for delivering the best and enhanced curriculum for the overall development of the kids therein. For what is known, a concept or an approach is being followed in this pre-school. The same is called to be as seven-petal approach and the school also conducts from time to time field trips and small celebrations which can help the kids to interact and also make sure to bring in the parents to look after the best of what is [email protected] Little Millennium.

#7. The Daly College

Qualified, experienced, teachers from all educational backgrounds, are a part of this pre-school who came up for making kids from a very early age, capable enough. This pre-school is located in Residency Area and has the availability of the special medical facility for the kid’s safety. Apart from same this pre-school also has the availability of canteen offering healthy and hygienic food. From location to best experience, the school also offers the best of sports facilities and has a swimming pool, outdoor games like football, athletics and much more to know and to see along.

#8. The Emerald Heights International School

The campus of this pre-school is located in A.B. Road, Rau, Indore. The school provides varied facilities herein. Reading and playrooms, mini auditorium, computer lab, separate reading rooms, swimming facilities, dance rooms, etc. are all part of the same. The management also conducts from time to time some adventure activities for kids and educational tours. The staffs herein are handpicked and proficient enough for the activity-based learning, which is one another step towards the light of betterment.

#9. GyanKriti

This pre-school is one best-rated and among best playschool in Indore located in Vijay Nagar. It is a new organization but seems like it took over the parents trusts, well-enough. They are unique as they use the 5G theory for the kid’s development. The management also conducts programs to build up parents-teacher relationships. For what they believe and are trying to execute by their multiple intelligence theory, the team is succeeding well by its efforts.

#10. The ShishuKunj International school

Jalaria, this is where this pre-school is located. The philosophy followed herein by the teachers and management of the school is “Don’t teach me, reach me!”. Seems like they can stay on what they want and bring in the best with the distinguished faculty who try and provide the apt knowledge out there to the little ones. This is not it, the school also offers facilities like a swimming pool, martial arts classes and much one of what comes here in the mind with.

With the list provided above, I hope the choice has been made easy to choose amongst the best playschool in Indore. This one list will help one with an informed decision which for a kid career is very vital. Apart from the same, one must ensure to personally visit the school and confirm with what they want to ensure themselves with.


Most frequent questions and answers

To the best of what is known and care for, a ratio of 1:10 is the average ratio for the teacher to student ratio. It can also change to 1:20, depending upon the requirement and schools. Either way the same varies.

Well, yes, on today’s date, there are varied entertaining modes of learning used to provide the kids with the best learning. Activities are also conducted for increasing the focus of the kids around. Some recreational activities undertaken in the well-known above schools are Kids carnival, festival celebrations, sports day, etc.


It varies from school to school. Few schools provide the availability of canteens and mid-day meals. A parent must confirm about the same while they visit the place.

Virtual reality, Tab-enabled learning, etc. are some of the latest technologies which are used at the pre-schools. Although this too varies from school to school and teaching methods adopted.

If we look for safety, every school maintains a well-balanced system for the same. They treat the kids like their own. Getting to the second point, yes, some best playschool in Indore do maintain a transport system for the kids and ensure timely pickup and drop-down facility to the exact location as per the address provided to the school authority.


A doubt, fear is very normal when it comes to the kids to step in the outside world, meeting along with new faces that are different from the home-like. So, not just the school but also a parent must ensure themselves that where they are sending their kid is the right choice for him to learn and to build the right backbone of the further classes. The above list has been prepared along with the same idea, about the best playschool in Indore, so that one can get enough help to get through and clear the doubts and to cut short their list of what they made a choice earlier.

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