Best Play School In Dehradun For Your Kid 2020

Education is one necessity of human life to make them what they are to be in their mere future. It’s a start of unfolding the best and this move towards the future, it needs to be made right from the Pre-schools or the Play schools which parents look out for their kid.

It’s said, Dehradun and Education are synonyms. Well, if you are out there looking around for some of the best play school in Dehradun, guess you are choosing from the best of best. The reports show the place has a fine list of best play school in Dehradun which holds the credit of its own. It distinguishes well and plays a significant role in the development of what the parents might foresee for their kid development.

From start to end, this one article will provide the name of the best play school in Dehradun. Information as to admissions, their fee, reviews, etc can easily get herein. So, be it the daycare Playschool/Pre-school, the list below covers it all providing along with all the school information for Girls, Boys and Co-ed playschools, which have the best of facilities in Dehradun. So, make a choice and jump in before the seat gets taken away.

10 Best Play School In Dehradun

#1. Kidzee

Located in Clemen town, the school has been rated 5 out of 5. For students above 2 years of age are all welcomed here to start along their step towards learning. There may be no AC classrooms but what this school presents, can be seen in the kid’s improvement. Further, for the safety of your kids, there are installed CCTV cameras, which work 24*7, keeping a complete movement around. As for the Fees, the same would cost INR 3,333 per month. So, if you are looking around for a better learning environment from the early days of your kid, KIDZEE should be your first choice among Best play schools in Dehradun.

#2. Shemrock Hills

Rated 5 out of 5, the school has branches too but the Park road, Laxman Chowk, has been rated the best. To get a seat in here, the kid must have completed at least 2 years of age. With no AC or daycare, the schools rank still at its best. There are CCTV cameras herein covering around all, making sure to keep track over the progress of your kids too. The school might cost one around INR 2083 per child, per month which is too less for the level and class it provides for the students therein. The place within has an amazing colourful environment, bringing in the paves of joyful learning.

#3. Euro Kids

This pre-school do have branches all around the country and Dehradun, so if one is looking for best rated, the one in Bhagrathipuram, Jakhan, has been rated 5 out of 5 for preparing the kids well with intellectual, emotional and moral skills from their early age. For those who wish to enrol their kids before the age of 2, guess this will be the right one as they accept the kids who have completed 1 year and 8 months. There are facilities available herein like Dollhouse, Pool, Sand play area, other learning equipment, etc, which functions all within CCTV coverage. Enrolling your kid therein will cost around INR 1700 per month among Best play school in Dehradun is well within budget, with facilities one of a kind.

#4. Bachpan Play School

Another 5 out of 5 rated pre-school for kids, located in Shastri Nagar is one best for your kids to evolve around. They have top-class facilities and offers well-structured learning to kids. They bring along the best modern study material and get along well with the kids choice, making them one best preferable choice for parents. For kids of age 1 year 8 months and above, this can be the right choice but remember they do not have the facility of CCTV camera. The fees here might come up to INR 1400 per month for your kid to receive better.

#5. the ploy kids

Located in Teg Bahadur road, this school has been ranked 5 upon 5. For the betterment of the kids, they make sure to include activities which will be best around for one’s learning and proper development. If we talk worthy, well, yes, this is the place where learning is like an art, rather than being a liability. The school prepares well, the kids and makes sure they receive the best. There are CCTV cameras herein too for ensuring the complete coverage around. Minimum age to get enrolled herein is 2 years and the fees might come up to around INR 2800 per month.

#6. Euro Kids

5 out of 5 rated school, located in Tapovan Chowk, is one best choice to be looked upon at. The minimum age to get your kid admitted herein is 2 years. The classrooms provided herein are AC classrooms which are well-equipped with the CCTV cameras therein. So, if one is planning to admit their kid herein, the same might cost around INR 1700 per month, per child. Make sure to surely check out this one, after being done with the list above.

#7. Explorers Play

Located in Saket Rajpur road, this is one school to not being missed from the checklist. They have their methods to teach around the kids in the best playful means. They bring in the kids closure to the external environment as for what they believe this is the right source of imagination and innovation. The staffs herein are presented along with the best of development and training programs from time to time for a proper update in their skills. The minimum age for admission herein is 2 years 6 months and they do have daycare facilities available with proper CCTV cameras installed. One might pay INR 1708 per month for better care and education for their kid.

#8. Shemrock Sunshine

Racecourse, this is where the branch of Shemrock pre-school chain exists. They aim to provide kids with a memorable experience while they study in a wonderful, caring and joyful environment offered herein. The kids enrolled herein are happy and enjoy well while they learn. So, if one is planning to admit their kids herein, they must be prepared for the process of short-listed applications and a proper parental counselling. 2 years is the minimum age to get a kid seat herein. looking towards security, there is CCTV coverage all around. The fees might come to around INR 2000 per month.

#9. Krayonz pre school

Located in Nehru Colony road, this is one of the newly launched preschools which caught the attention of parents. There are daycare facilities available herein for up to 7 years of age. As of today, they connect well with students by bringing in activities like dance, music, art, spoken English, etc all from a very early age. The school also provides the kids with AC classes and is well equipped with live streaming and CCTV facilities and also better furniture. Transport facilities also come along for kids. The school costs around INR 1750 for students per month.

#10. Morning Glory School

This school is located in Tyagi road and has been ranked 4.5 by the parents around. To get admissions herein, the kids need to be completed 2 years and 6 months. There are no AC classrooms or daycare facilities provided herein but there exists an all-time CCTV coverage herein. This pre-school costs around INR 1200 per month and aims to provide the best of what they can.


Most frequent questions and answers

It is because the Preschools are the backbone of a child. To make a healthy start one must have developed better motor skills from an early stage.

There is nothing like a perfect age. A child can start late but an early age of 2 is referred by most schools for getting the kids admitted into their program.

Yes, the best playschools in Dehradun ensure that the kids are under surveillance every second. They also have strict guarding. Either way, there is no way a kid can escape through all security and safety measures.

Child discipline, proper usage of washrooms, talking when a kid needs something, all these forms to be a part of discipline from an early age which the best playschools in Dehradun help provide the kids.

No, there is none but some of the schools can hold the same for choosing who they want to prepare for the future. Do check out the policies better, before filling in.


As for we know, Preschools, Dehradun and education, are all connected but that doesn’t mean a child can fit in all. One must, therefore, look after every single detail provided and available on demand by the Pre/playschools in Dehradun as the same prepare one as a guardian towards what the schools might provide their kids with. A little research is no harm as a backbone does play an important part in a kids development by all means. So, don’t be relaxed, make sure to find every possible detail and ensure that your kids are reaching out to the best play school in Dehradun.

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