Yuvraj Singh: “Mom’s inner strength made me ACHIEVE & SURVIVE tough times”

yuvraaj singh with his mother Shabnam Singh

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in the Guinness World Records, this is certainly a chance you shouldn’t miss. Puma’s Do You movement attempts to break the world record for the maximum number of people holding a plank for 60 seconds. If you’re wondering what a plank is, take a look:

Women holding a plank

Here is the best part: Puma isn’t just looking to gather large group of people here. It’s calling is for women, and women only. On November 6th, at Jio Gardens, Mumbai, it claims that history will be remade, as perhaps it will, as the largest gathering ever of women to perform the plank for 60 seconds will convene.

In truth, women have always been discouraged from remaining in public spaces for longer than we need to. Instead, we’re encouraged to believe that our homes are the only places where we can be spend uninhibited time. Why is it that a woman standing alone on a footpath for no apparent reason attracts men who discreetly try to slip a 100 rupee note into her clenched palm? Because no woman ever stays longer than she has to outside her house, unless she’s on a specific errand. This movement will also facilitate in helping us reclaim the public sphere as our own, as we gather in large numbers this Sunday.

On another note, all-rounder Yuvraj Singh nominated his mother to inspire and take part in the event. In a tweet at 4:32 pm on Thursday, 3rd November, the cricketer declared that there’s no one better he can think of to participate in the mass-plank gathering. In his words:

It’s no secret that Shabnam Singh, Yuvraj’s mother, was his entire support system while he was battling lung cancer right after the 2012 cricket World Cup. She’s also something of an anomaly when it comes to the idea of the Indian woman – a divorced mother whose life revolves around her two sons, juggling between Yuvraj in Mumbai and Zoravar, her younger child, in Chandigarh. For a sportsperson, even if it’s her own son, to equate her inner strength to physical strength by announcing that there’s no one better to take part in an event that showcases muscle power is a compliment indeed. It implies Puma’s own declaration that the Do You is a “movement that calls women across different walks of life to fearlessly chase after their dreams, getting there in a way that’s unique to them, drawing the strength to do so from their cores.”

Yuvraaj Singh with His mother

Register for the Do You event here.