You’re ready for a second child…but is your body?

It’s a lovely evening outside and you watch with fascination as your toddler plays in the garden by himself...and you wonder: Maybe it’s time he had a sibling? You’re not alone, ladies. It’s typical, especially in the Indian setup of things (given how everyone keeps telling you, “Oh, you should have at least two children)”. But here’s the thing: you might be ready for a second pregnancy, but is your body?

Here are four things you should consider before stopping the Pill.

Is there enough gap?

It’s no mean feat to carry a baby in your belly for nine months. Your body goes through a battle as it learns to cope with a new human inside you. Experts say that it takes at least 18 months for your body to recover from everything it went through during your last pregnancy. Babies conceived before or within six months of last baby’s birth are high-risk, which means they are prone to premature births or low birth weight. In fact, if you’ve had a vaginal delivery, you should wait for at least a year but if you’ve had a c-section delivery, you need to wait for two years before you try again.

Is your body back to normal?

Remember how your hormones oestrogen and progesterone spiked during pregnancy? It’s these hormones that regulate your fertility. Then there’s nutrition. Everything in your body was used for the health of your baby: the calcium, folic acid, iron. Before you even think about going off the pill to try for a second pregnancy, you need to get these nutrients back in balance so that your body is capable of carrying a second child. The last thing is your weight. If you’re overweight (as most of us mothers tend to be once we’ve delivered and had zero time to get back on the treadmill), it can affect your chances of conceiving.

Do you have the energy?

Unless you have stuck to your plan of having two babies before you turn 30, chances are that you might be well into your mid 30s by the time you think about the second baby. Now rewind and think how tiring it was when you had your first: the sleep-deprivation, late night feeding, cranky baby, utter lack of energy. Needless to say, your energy levels dip even lower as you age. Do you have the energy to run after a toddler and look after a baby?

Are you fertile?

Time to learn of something called secondary infertility. If you had no issues birthing your first child, but are for some reason, unable to conceive again no matter how hard you try, it might be due to secondary infertility. Common causes include irregular ovulation, cervical problems, endometriosis, etc.