Your ultimate guide to staying fit through the lazy rainy season

To be indoors with your laptop or a book while the rains howls on your window slashing the pane with its slanted arrows... life is about those moments! It is entirely another thing to have to go to work or change your wardrobe according to this wet-slushy season.

The damp air may make you want to bunk your gym and just hit the box with forbidden fried foods- the chaknas. A sense of lethargy envelopes you and you start inventing reasons to ditch the gym. Here is Ruchi Verma’s co-owner of one of the Vivafit centers’ tips to never miss a session come what may.

1. Have fitness on your mind

As always, fitness is a lifestyle decision, not a “get slim” plan. When you have a long term strategy in place fitness becomes a priority and enables you to have the right attitude to it. Just like you eat and sleep every day, so should you workout every day. Get the attitude right!

2. Beat the monsoon

Don’t let the weather play with your mind. After working out you will feel much fitter and can rest better too. If you are a runner, try doing indoor workouts that are just as  healthy sweet and invigorating.

3. Cravings are normal but don’t give in every time

If you feel like the chai pakora that your friend whatsapps you pictures of. Go ahead, dig in on one day. But don’t make it a habit. The lazy rains will continue for two whole months, it will ruin your hard work if you eat too much of junk. The added calories will only end up bulking you.

4. Keep healthy options handy

This is an evergreen formula that works everytime. Keep soaked almonds, fruits, nutritious snacks ready. Just a bowl of warm peanuts could satisfy plenty of those salty cravings that are basically protein induced.

5. Don’t ditch your daily nutrition

After a night of downpour you feel like waking up late and miss your all important breakfast. Sounds familiar? Experts say missing your nutritional needs adds to cravings. Eat plenty of greens, fruits and soups to ensure your body has everything you need to stay fit and live happy.