Your Period Can Be More Serious And Painful Beacuse Of These 8 Things

Period days will not be your best days of the month. When period pain turns out quite annoying for someone, it can be quite intolerable to others. What makes the periods an unwelcome monthly guest is nothing but the menstrual Cramps. We all know that the menstrual cramps happen due to the uterine contraction, and the purpose of uterine contraction is to shed the uterine lining. Leg pain, back pain, mood swings, headaches can also come hand in hand with the period pain to make this a real issue. However, no matter what your period is like, just like there are some habits that help to bring down the pain and discomforts of periods, on the flip side, there are some habits that can make it even worse as well.

Here are 8 habits that can pave the way to more painful periods and hence should be avoided during that time:

1. Caffeinated drinks:

Having one or more caffeinated drinks per day increases your risk for period pain and associated discomfort by 30 percent. This is because caffeine can bring about dehydration and dehydration aggravates the pain. Another reason is that the caffeine can bring about "vasoconstriction", which basically means that it contracts the blood vessels. This will reduce the blood flow to the muscles of the uterus. The tightening of blood vessels in the uterus can bring about more cramping and more pain. Moreover, the milk you used to make coffee can have a double impact on menstrual pain. This is because a component of milk, arachidonic acid, is well known for increasing menstrual pain.

2. Smoking:

Are you a smoker? Well, smoking aggravates menstrual cramps. The more cigarettes you smoke in a day, your menstrual cramps can get worse.  Nicotine has more or less similar effect on the blood vessels as caffeine. Nicotine also inhibits blood flow to the uterus. Now you have one more reason to get rid of those "cancer sticks".

3. Sugar:

Most of us crave sweets during periods. However, it may be best to satisfy these cravings with less sugary foods like dried fruit, granola, and fresh fruits. Too much sugar can worsen the period pain and associated discomforts. This is because sugary treats can elevate your insulin levels, which can disturb the estrogen-testosterone-progesterone balance in your body. This will bring about mood swings and aggravate the period pain.

4. Alcohol:

Alcohol is accountable for not only dehydration but it also significantly brings down your magnesium levels, which can worsen any existing pain. Therefore, drinking alcohol during periods aggravates the period pain.

5. Salt:

During periods, it is equally important to avoid food that possesses high salt content as ensuring the intake of enough fluids to rehydrate your body. If you are prone to menstrual cramps and bloating, having salty food during periods increases the issue. This is because salty food increases water retention, thereby, bringing about all other discomforts.

6. Stress:

Do you know that stress is also known as a silent killer? Stress contributes towards many diseases. Stress brings down the pain threshold, thereby, making the person more sensitive to menstrual cramps and painful aches. High levels of stress, in severe cases, can impinge on the pituitary gland and potentially affect the menstrual cycle as well.

7. Lack of sleep:

Getting a good night's sleep ( 6 to 7 hours) is essential for the regulation of the sex hormones. Missing sleep, not getting enough sleep can make your period longer and irregular. If you have a good night's sleep, a hormone named Serotonin is released into your body. When you sleep less, serotonin level will also reduce. Less serotonin level increases your sensitivity towards pain. Likewise, if you don't sleep enough, your body will release increased level of stress hormone cortisol. Increased level of stress hormone contributes to menstrual pain.

8. Processed / Junk Foods:

Processed foods and junk foods are mainly made with refined flour or Maida. It will also contain hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and high amount of sodium. These foods will pave the way for inflammation, which worsens the menstrual pain.