‘Your kid’s Caught Cheating in Exams!’ What Do You Do As a Parent?

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And so one fine day out of the blue, you get a call from your kid’s school saying that your kid has been caught cheating in the exam and you are wanted in school immediately. Your head may spin with swelling anger & disbelief at the calamity that has just hit you and you may feel the ground shifting beneath but the fact of the matter is that as much as you wish you could avoid the issue, it stares at you more blatantly in your face and there is no way out but to tackle it head on.Here’s what you can do1. Take Action Immediately- It is crucial for your child to get the message loud and clear that he hasn’t gotten away with what he has done. Sitting him down and letting him know the gravity of his mistake is important and so is letting him go through the designated punishment.2. Have that Talk- Kids get tempted to cheat for various reasons and if that issue remains unresolved, there are chances that the cheating might happen again. Talking to your child about what prompted him/her to cheat helps parents gain better insight into the situation. It could be something trivial like kids being playful during the exam or something deeper like peer pressure, inadequate learning or too much pressure to perform well.

caught cheating- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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3. Discourage cheating outside the class too- If cheating in exams is unacceptable then you have to make sure that you don’t tolerate cheating anywhere else either. This can happen while playing board games or any other sport where a little cheating by kids is overlooked and not taken too seriously. Kids take it for granted that if parents are amused when they cheat, it is something trivial and can be done in exams too.4. Help your kid alter his outlook- Your kid cheated because somewhere deep down he thought it was right and an easy way out. You have to change that outlook by reminding him the value of hard work and honesty. Stressing that winning is not everything and failing is not permanent & can be overcome is also very important.

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5. Relieve your kid of some Burden- Living up to the parents’ expectations and performing well all the time can be overwhelming for your kid sometimes. Lowering your expectations and letting the kid do more of what he loves will leave less room for cheating and more motivation for learning to increase knowledge rather than only marks.Whether we choose to ignore it or accept it, the fact is that we live in a very competitive, performance driven world and statistics show that 92 % of the students are guilty of cheating in their academics at some point of the other. But as parents we have to keep trying & striving to create that little haven for kids to grow up with the right attitude and morals and maybe we are looking at a better world and a brighter tomorrow.Click here to know how to effectively help your child perform better academically.Featured Image Source