Your child walked in while you were at it: Now what?

So you have finished the chores for the day, tucked the kids into bed and are eagerly waiting to have a romantic moment with your hubby. Just when things are heating up and you are about to climax, you have your little one walking into your room! You and your hubby are stark naked and least expected this situation. Well, firstly welcome to parenting and secondly, this is not new! However, when such a situation arises, how do you handle it? Here’s what you can do to kill your child’s curiosity the right way!

Lock your doors!

First things first, ALWAYS remember to lock the door. It is quite normal for parents to keep their bedroom door open, especially if they have a baby who would crawl around. As for the older ones, they are growing up and it can be hard to confine them to one room. So always ensure you lock your doors. You definitely don’t want any ‘surprise’ visitors when you and your hubby are at it!

What if you forget?

Well, at times, forgetting to lock the door can happen too. And at this point, when your little one walks in, chances are you and your hubby might freeze in shame. But don’t! In case of babies, you don’t need to give them much explanation as they might just forget it or brush it aside. However, if you are dealing with an older kid, you definitely need to take some efforts to make the whole thing seem normal and not absurd.

Firstly, put on your clothes. You don’t want to be explaining things to your kid when you are stark naked. Now, have a chat with him/her and let them know that sex is not a bad thing. It is just a way in which you and your hubby express your love for each other. However, while doing so, make sure you do not use any words or phrases which will get him more curious or which will make him re-use it later on.

Chances are, older kids will already have a fair idea about sex or at least know a little. Let’s admit it! So be honest with your kid and provide proper information. And by this, we don’t mean getting into the nitty-gritty. Keep it simple, short and say only what he needs to know. This talk can be extremely important because you don’t want him picking the wrong details from his friends, books or the internet. If you don’t wish to address it immediately, take some time off and have a chat after a few days. 

Talking about sex is important in any case, so don’t make a big deal about what your little one saw. This way you will help him understand that sex is a normal thing and is not essentially ‘bad’. Also, tell them that it is a way through which daddies and mummies show their love.

Here’s what you must keep in mind

1. Don’t make a big deal out of it

2. Give only the necessary information

3. Be honest in your explanation

4. Make sure you child understand that he did not commit a crime

5. And last, but not the least, ALWAYS lock your doors!

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