Your breastfeeding habits are hurting your baby, probably more than nourishing him!

Breastfeeding is a battle for all moms. While some choose to go through the grind silently, a few others are vocal about it and take help. Well, however, mommies do get to vent their frustrations, but have you ever thought about those little humans? Babies also have a whole lot of things they would like their mothers to know, while breastfeeding, especially the ones that piss them off.

This heartfelt letter from a baby to his mommy is probably every baby’s voice. Read this and you will know how wrong you were!

Dear mom

I love that you decided to breastfeed me, but I also have to tell you, I go through hell at times. No, don’t raise your eye brows yet! The milk tastes great and I simply cannot get enough of it, but certain things you do get on to my nerves. Ah! I said it. So, mommy, before you pick me up and stuff my mouth the next time, please read this.

1. The feeding schedule

I wholeheartedly appreciate the concern and love you have for me! But, hey sometimes it tends to get a bit too much. Imagine if you were to have a meal when you just aren’t hungry or are sleepy as hell. That’s how I feel when you pick me up and feed me at wee hours. And by wee hours I mean the times when I am not hungry or sleep like I am drugged. I would honestly appreciate it if you could follow my cues and understand when I *really* need food. Thanks, in advance!

2. The distractions

The things you do while feeding me makes me feel less important. Your best friend probably knows the number of times I pee in a day and the colour of my dress than my dear father because feeding time to you is chatting time with your BFF. But, that’s *my* time with you, isn’t it? I love to look into your eyes and expect the same from you. I want to feel your soft skin, play with your t-shirt and also hear your voice. So put down that damn phone and talk to me!  Trust me, you are special and there is no one I will ever demand this from!

3. Feeling ashamed

I know I demand food at odd hours and places, but I am a baby and my stomach does not even listen to *me*. And I genuinely apologise for the embarrassment I put you through in public. But, mommy, don’t others eat in public? If that’s just, then how fair is it to expect babies not to get hungry in public?  All I want you to know is that you are doing a great job and you need to be brave enough to drop the shame. So, please fight for me!

4. Your eating habits

I know I made you gain oodles of weight and can’t move a pin to help you get back in shape. But, that does not one bit mean you starve! I am hurt every time I see you stare at your favourite food, control your cravings and get back to eating that damn celery. Dieting is alright, provided you eat and don’t starve. And, I am not saying this so I get enough milk, but only and only because I love you to the moon and back and I cannot see you starve. So, please find out a healthier way to shed those kilos.

I know breastfeeding is a battle for you, especially considering how tiny I am, but, I want you to know YOU mean the universe to me and there is no way I can function without you.


Your baby!

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