You will be surprised to know what Aaradhya, Viaan and other star kids eat!

All the experts and doctors aside, there is one person who knows exactly what is good for her kid and what isn’t! Any guesses? Yes, we are talking about none other than mothers! Mommies know it all and when it comes to food, their instincts only get better.

And this applies to our Bollywood mommies too! Celebrity moms are super health conscious and leave no stone unturned to stay fit. However, this is a rule that applies not just to them, but also to their little ones. Just like us, celeb moms also struggle with tantrums and picky eaters and try their best to make meal time healthy and fun. So what’s their secret formula?

The cat is out of the bag! Read on to know what Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, and other gorgeous B-town mommies feed their babies. After all, when it comes to kids, every little help counts!

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

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Simplicity is this mommy’s secret! Aishwarya likes to keep her daughter’s food simple and tasty. She includes a whole lot of veggies and dhals in Aaradhya and insists on keeping it light, healthy and quintessentially Indian. However, the mommy does let her little one go berserk once in a while and indulge in Mexican or Thai food, just so she gets to savour various delicacies.

Mommy Tip: “Aaradhya is being trained to eat Ghar ka khana. Our food habits are simple – we enjoy having the typical roti-sabji-daal-rice combo. Indian cuisine is so rich and varied, we do not feel the need to try out Thai or Mexican or Italian.”

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Shilpa Shetty

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We know Shilpa’s obsession with fitness and diet. So much so, that the actress has planned meals every day so that she is well aware of the calorie intake. And her new fitness website needs no introduction. From recipes to health tips and exercises, the website has it all for Shilpa’s fans to take away! Well, with mommy dearest being a strict disciplinarian when it comes to food habits, we are pretty sure her little son Viaan follows suit as well.

As for Viaan’s nutrition, Shilpa firmly believes in one thing- Hogging is not nutrition. She believes that as moms, we often go a little overboard in feeding our kids and that is something that is not right. Feeding the right nutrition and the right portion size are both crucial.

Mommy Tip: “My mom is extremely aware of the cardiac problems in my family, so she makes sure we have a lot of vegetable oil, and she replaces coconut milk with normal milk, which is lower in cholesterol. We have a lot of masala at home. We go easy on it though, to make it easier on the digestive system, and to bring out the taste of the vegetables.”

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Malaika Arora Khan

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Fitness model Malaika Arora Khan knows it all when it comes to fitness and the gorgeous mommy has also passed on her knowledge to her kids. Malaika’s kids know to differentiate healthy and unhealthy food and also know what is safe to eat and what isn’t. Kids love junk and Malaika’s little ones are no exception. The tummy mommy also lets her kids have their dose of fun, but is particular about where they eat and also teaches them to identify places where it is safe to buy food from.

That said, she is a strong believer of eating on time as it can prevent kids from binge eating and snacking on junk.

Mommy Tip: “There’s always a special sauce with a dish. I even try and add new ingredients to the food so that it becomes tastier. (I also) serve meals only at the dining table and make sure he doesn’t eat alone or while watching television.”

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Karisma Kapoor

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Karisma’s kids love her cooking, especially her dhal chawal and bindhi. However, Baingan and karela are a big no in the house and the gorgeous mommy finds other ways to get the kids to gulp them down. To fight the dislike towards veggies like broccoli, and carrots, she cuts them in different shapes using the cookie cutter and serves it as a starter with a fresh dip. Now, that is sure to get kids polish off their plates!

One thing Karishma follows till date is to feed the kids every 3-4 hours. This, she believes will keep crankiness at bay and also curb unhealthy snacking.

Mommy Tip: “To make them eat uninteresting khaana, I tell them stories while they are eating. I don’t deprive them of anything. So I generally treat them to junk food over the weekend. But I make sure they don’t over-indulge.”

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