You have been wearing your dupatta all wrong! Style it right!

We women love Indian attires a bit too much and why not, after all they are classy, elegant and stylish all at the same time. However, one thing that accentuates the style quotient in any ethnic outfit is the dupatta or the pallu. Just like how pallu can be worn in ways more than just one, a simple dupatta can help you strike a style statement if styled right.

Give your suit or lehenga an all new look by wearing your dupatta a little differently. Here’s how!  

Double it up!

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How about wearing a dupatta with a saree? Sounds impossible? No, but it’s definitely possible. Pick a dupatta that goes well with the saree and simply throw it tightly around the collar. Now that’s a saree with a double pallu! This easy trick can help you use your dupatta on a saree too. However, make sure you pick a dupatta that blends well with the saree or you are in for a fashion disaster.

Bring on the belt

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Who said belts were only for western outfits? They can be worn with ethnic clothes too and look as stylish! And no matter how gorgeous the dupatta, it does get a little messy handling it, especially if you have kids. A neat way to fix it is to tuck it inside a belt and create a flattering silhouette. However, remember to pick a thin waist belt or your outfit is sure to lose its charm.

Shrug it up!

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This works perfectly if you are heading to a wedding. If you are wearing a lehenga, then simply open up the dupatta and throw it around your shoulders like a shrug. This will leave you looking like a fairytale princess and also let you flaunt the intricate details in your dupatta to the fullest possible.

Pleat it up!

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If you are wearing a heavy suit, then this one works well. Pleat your dupatta and simply fasten it on one shoulder using a pin. This makes the outfit easy to manage, especially if it’s a heavy one!

Keep it simple

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This is the best if you are wearing a lehenga. Simply throw your dupatta on either of your shoulders and pin it up. This old school way of wearing a dupatta is particularly stylish if you are wearing a heavily embellished lehenga or heavy jewellery.

Do it like the Royals!

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This style instantly lifts your fashion game and also adds grace. Just pin your dupatta on one shoulder and let the other end fall freely on your other hand. You can also tie it around your wrist to make it more manageable.

Classics are here to stay!

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An age old way of wearing a dupatta, this one never gets old. Simply tuck one end of the dupatta to the lehenga from behind. Now throw the dupatta across your chest like a saree pallu. You can pleat it neatly or let it fall freely.