You couldn’t bring your baby into the world in a better place

Every mother wants a happy delivery. And happy deliveries aren’t myths, they aren’t rare; they’re very common in environments that make you feel at home. When you’re surrounded by your family and health care specialists who give you all the care and attention you need, you know that you’re at the right place.Parents who’ve delivered at Cloudnine say they’ve had their dream deliveries come true. Vishal Mahajan, a father who started out with doubts about whether Cloudnine was the right place for his wife and child, left entirely reassured. He awards doctors and caregivers of both his wife and child a full one hundred and fifty points out of a hundred.  “I can’t stop writing about Cloudnine,” he says. “Thanks Cloudnine, your connect with your customers is worth appreciating.”It’s not only the birthing process and patient care that Vishal praises. For him and his wife, the facilities provided by the hospital made all the difference. Cloudnine offers labour, delivery and recovery (LDR) rooms, to make it easy on the mother, who won’t have to be moved from place to place and can experience an uninterrupted birthing process. The rooms have advanced multipurpose beds that allow for all three processes, and mothers are even encouraged to bring their favourite music so that they’re as relaxed as they’d be at home. Vishal asserts that relatives visiting them at Cloudnine could not believe that it was a hospital; one of the most common comments he heard from them was that it was as comfortable as a hotel.Sheetal Sikand, a mother who was 40 years old when her first child was born, felt so warm and homely that she actually missed staying at the hospital after she went back home. She and her husband Kaustubh Chawla say that they had no one else to advise them on birthing or parenting and were guided step-by-step through preparation for breastfeeding and nurturing their baby to helping Sheetal walk the very day after her C-section. The staff, they say, was very supportive.“My experience in Cloudnine has been a very memorable one, and I’m sure many other mothers will agree with me,” says Sheryl Saugata, who had a normal pregnancy. Since the doctors allowed her husband to stay by her side throughout the process, even during her C-section, Sheryl believes that she felt more encouraged than she would have on her own. The experience, she feels, was overwhelming because all the doctors, nurses and staff provided round-the-clock services. Cloudnine parents are in for several surprises both during their stay and after they’re discharged. As part of the birthing experience, the hospital provides a baby photo shoot, car decoration and a caregiver for the first two days when they’re on their own at home, which Vishal writes of with apparent awe.  “Simply awesome, the perfect place on earth to welcome your angel. We have named our baby Vivaan, which means ‘full of life’,” just as Cloudnine seems to offer.