You Can Be A Yummy Mummy Too!!

Here are tips that no magazine will tell you.Is looking glamorous last on your priority list because it is a mirage you just cannot get a grip on?Psst ..Do celebs like kajol or Kate Middleton make you long and wish for something that you would love to have in your life?If the answer to the questions is a yes somewhere deep in your heart, then this is the article we coax you to read because we are about to give you fool proof tips on not only how to spice up your look but also to pep up your life.Here we go..1. A CUT ABOVE THE RESTHas that flat & boring pulled back pony tail or bun almost grown on you? Then it’s time dear ladies to let off some burden off your shoulders this festive season. How about a bouncy ,naughty short cut that you don’t require to set or blow dry with your busy schedule and yet which makes you look smart as well as young.Want to add more zing? Colour your dull tresses. You don’t need to spend hours or greens in the salon for that. There are a number of options available off the shelves and guess what they are very economical. 2. HEART ON YOUR SLEEVEIt need not be a loud tattoo that takes an added effort to carry it every time. But a subtle declaration of your love for your baby or even a whisper of how you still have it in you would definitely give you the verdict of being a class apart.You can keep your husband guessing as you ask him to baby sit your kid for a while and only drop a mysterious hint that you’re going to get a sexy addition.


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 3. WELL GROOMED IS THE TRICKDon’t fret over the fact that you can’t spend hours in the salon for that chic look. You can get it right there in the comfort of your home.Next time you are out there buying diapers or school bags, divert a little to the beauty section and pick a cleanser, toner, body lotion, face cream and a hand cream. And use them regularly while you are watching TV or when your kid is asleep or at school. Any time is good time and you will love the way your skin feels.Stepping out? Wear a lipstick, line your eyes with a kohl pencil and spray a perfume. Takes only a few seconds but makes you feel very confident and cool.4. TIGHTENICWe all fall into the trap of choosing loose clothes to camouflage our figures post kids. But clothes that fit well and accentuate our curves are always a better bet. It’s all about hiding a little and showing off a little to create the best effect.:)And why wait for an occasion to wear something new or special? Let’s celebrate motherhood every day and so go buy a few clothes or pull that red dress out and carry it off with a smile at home. Your family will love it!5. STEP IT UP AND CARRY ‘EM OFFHeels may be a lost cause but there are some very cool wedges, strappies, platforms and peep toes available . And now they are online too. Just choose, click and wear them. With the all year round sales you can order a handful and yet not let them pinch your pocket. Please don’t drag yourself in the drab flats that actually tend to alter the grace in your walk.God bless all the designers who made big smart, stylish bags and the portals who sell them in all price ranges. Get yourself one and dump whatever you have to in it. The good news is that you will still look smart and hep.


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 6. TIME-OUTIt’s perfectly fine to hire a baby sitter and go for that lunch/dinner with your husband or your friends.You can dress the way you like, laugh the way you like and talk the way you like. Your kid is not there to watch you. Feel feminine, glamorous, rejuvenated and yummyonce again. Can’t step out? Take a long leisurely hot water bath or light up an aroma candle but treat yourself well and be kind to you.7. HEALTH IS WEALTH INDEEDYou need to feel good about yourself inside and out. So stock up your fridge or larder unit with fruits, veggies, dry fruits, crackers and low fat snacks.Remember to carry a healthy snack in your bag while you are out so you don’t land up binging on junk food to satisfy your hunger pangs.There are many quick and effective @home exercises you can try (check our article on the same) to release the toxins from your body, tone it up and bring back the glow.Life doesn’t end in the labour room. It begins there and you have to take each day as it comes, trying to live it up with full zest. There may be all kind of days but that shouldn’t stop you from laughing, enjoying and cherishing each moment you have today, which shall be a memory tomorrow. Go ahead think, look, feel behave different and see that love in his eyes ….and in your heart yummy mummy!