Yoga is not the only secret behind Soha’s svelte pregnancy figure!

Pregnancy does not mean gaining oodles of weight or eating for two! The idea around pregnancy and pregnant women have undergone a huge metamorphosis ever since Kareena Kapoor broke her big news. And, the good part is that most women are happy to follow suit. The first on this list being Bebo’s dear sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan!

Soha is at the fag end of her pregnancy and if you happened to see her pictures, you sure will notice how the petite actress has not let her weight go over the roof. Plus, her skin is glowing and she looks like a happy, healthy, mum-to-be.

Soha has all her weight piled up on the bump, making her petite frame look all the more perfect and manageable. However, the actress does not credit all of this to just yoga or exercise. There is more to it and she, in fact, spilled her secrets in a recent interview. 

Here’s what Soha’s pregnancy diet looked like. It’s so easy and natural, you can follow it too!

1. Listen to your body

Image Source: Indian Express

Ghee, butter, and cream do not always spell danger. Our body knows when it's too much to take and also sends us signals so we can cut down. 

"Listen to your body, it will tell you when you’re overdoing it," she shared adding the list of items she has been eating.

"Vitamins and minerals are essential. Omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium... Your body is a baby-building machine. It needs the nutrients. It’s not just about eating more, it’s about eating right," she explains.

And as for the cravings, Soha liberally gave in to cravings and at her heart out. ‘I have a chicken burger on most evenings but I make it healthy with a whole-wheat bun minus the mayonnaise. I have chocolate cake about three times a week. Though I want it three times a day! Ghee also tops the list. I had my first aloo ka parantha three weeks ago."

2. Eat small, frequent meals

We all know this and have heard of it time and again and the petite actress also swears by the same mantra. "It’s best to eat small frequent meals as opposed to large ones that can make you uncomfortable and cause heartburn and indigestion," she says. But that’s not it, Soha also combines it with some prenatal exercises.

Kunal’s mom introduced her to Kashmiri foods like khatta tamatar and baingan gravy, rogan josh and a boiled potato chutney dish which helped Soha battle morning sickness. 

‘Mom is in Delhi so when I visit her, she prepares whatever I like. She introduced me to nutritious meals like mutton broth and pumpkin soup when I became anemic temporarily," added Soha.

3. Say ‘yes’ to yoga

Image Source: Mid-day

Like most other celebrity moms, Soha too made yoga her best friend during her nine-month journey to stay fit. 

"Yoga’s the best way to stay fit and happy during this time. Walking is also a great exercise. Yoga has helped with all the swelling and aches. The stretches are for flexibility and strength training," she revealed.

And we can’t agree more!

While engaging in yoga and meditation is important, it is also necessary that you consult your doctor before you enroll yourself in any prenatal class.

Feature Image Source: iDiva