Worried about those stretch marks? These celebs tell you the truth about it!

Ask any woman and she will tell you two things she absolutely hates after delivering her baby. While the weight gain is an inevitable part of pregnancy, some women have to deal with stretch marks. While these definitely are a badge of honour for any women, its not too long before she is already Googling ways to get rid of them.

Married or single, pregnant or not, stretch marks make their way into every woman’s body at some point or the other. Stretch marks occur due to rapid weight gain, use of specific medications, adrenal gland disease or with aggressive weight lifting.

However, it looks like you no longer need to be worried or ashamed about these marks. Some of our B-town ladies are making this a style statement too. Yes, you read it right! From yummy mommy Malaika Arora Khan to the very svelte Parineeti Chopra, Bollywood divas have no qualms showing off their stretch marks.

Single mom Malaika was once under the spotlight for flaunting her stretch marks in an item number. Unfortunately, she was body shamed for the same, but she called out the trolls and carried on.

"I've never bothered about stretch marks, and I'm not going to start now," she told a leading magazine at the time.

And if you thought she was the only one, you are wrong. Parineeti Chopra recently posted a picture of her on Instagram. While we loved her bright blue sunglasses, we also loved how she embraced her stretch marks with a smile! Her post in fact, received lot of appreciation for not photo shopping her stretchmarks and flaunting it out and about.


Along with these, a lot of other women are setting an example of how we need to love our physical flaws. But, there are times when new moms do tend to get overwhelmed by their post pregnancy look. So we are here to share some interesting facts about what you might think are 'flaws.' Because you are not alone.

Facts about stretch marks you MUST know

1.     They are not restricted only for pregnancy and delivery. Sudden weight gain or weight loss, side effects of medication, etc are some of the reasons you might see these marks anywhere and everywhere on your body.

2.     You can be thin and still get it.

3.     Your hormonal levels can also affect why and how you get stretch marks.

4.     Exercising moderately will help avoid stretch marks, as opposed to vigorous exercises.

5.     Genetics also play a big role. Lastly, there’s nothing much you can do in case your mum or grand mum were more prone to stretch marks.

Home remedies for stretch marks

1.     Aloe vera

2.     Coconut oil

3.     Olive oil

4.     Cocoa butter

5.     Vitamin E

6.     Turmeric

7.     Lemon

All this aside, stretch marks are very common and don’t hinder your health in any way. Also, mums, don’t forget that these marks are a testimony of your love!

Feature image source: Youtube.com