Are you Worried about your Child’s Bedwetting?

Solve bedwetting in children- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Many parents worry about potty training their children at the right age. In fact it can be a point of pride for some parents that their child was potty trained at a super early age. Sooner or later most children are potty trained around 3 years of age and parents can finally be rid of the diapers. However, when the child continues to wet the bed at night, beyond the age of four for a girl child and beyond the age of 5 for a boy child, then it is considered as an issue.Bedwetting in Children is quite commonBedwetting is of two types:
  • Chronic Bedwetting is when the child has never been able to control the bladder overnight.
  • Secondary Bedwetting is when the child has been fully potty trained, but suddenly lapses back.
Secondary bedwetting is usually due to some stress in a child's life or a sudden medical condition like a urinary tract infection. Stressful situations like changing schools, family problems, school bullying or such external issues may cause a child to temporarily lapse back into bedwetting. Usually this self corrects when the underlying problem resolves. So if your child is suddenly bedwetting, examine what might events might be causing it.Chronic or primary bedwetting may have physiological or psychological reasons. Physiological reasons include the child being so deeply asleep, that the brain does not receive the signal that the bladder is full. Alternatively the child may also have a bladder that could be slightly under developed or small. These conditions usually resolve as the child grows up and the bladder gets stronger and they don't sleep as deeply. As a last resort medication may be given to help with the condition.Click here for 5 Tips to Deal with Bedwetting in Children.