#WorldSingingDay – The World Singing Day – October 24th, 2015

What is it?The World Singing Day was conceptualized by a song writer called Scott Johnson, from Boulder, Colorado in 2014, with the aim of uniting the world through the medium of music and song. The thought behind it is that if enough people share a positive, human experience like singing, something quite remarkable is bound to happen. This year, the event will take place on October 24th 2015, where people all over the world will sing TO and FOR each other – all on the same day!The goals for The World Singing Day 2015 are:
  • To have 1 million people participate and share vidoes of themselves singing
  • Have at least 1 person participating from each of the world’s 196 countries
  • Have at least 100,000 people sing the same song!
This year’s World singing day is dedicated to world peace.How does the event work?Participating in the event is a simple process. All you have to do is to sing the chosen song, individually or in a group, which for this year is “We sing” (you can alternatively also sing any song of your choice in the spirit of our common humanity). Make a video recording while singing it and finally upload the video on YouTube and/or social media with the hashtag #worldsingingday. Cash awards will be awarded to groups who come up with the most creative and impactful ways of uniting the world through singing.The recommended song for this year’s WSD is a simple song called “We Sing”. You could sing it in any language and in any style you’d like, from pop to rock, from country to R&B, from a cappella to operatic. Perform it with your own instrumentation or use the karaoke tracks to sing along. It is an opportunity to be creative and have fun with it.How is The Shankar Mahadevan Academy (SMA) involved?Shankar Mahadevan Academy is a partner in this inspiring, world-wide initiative and is calling out for support of the WSD team in this exciting endeavor. SMA is a strong believer that music has the unique power to uplift, inspire, transcend cultural differences and bring people together across geographical boundaries.For more details click on the link below:http://www.shankarmahadevanacademy.com/world-singing-day/2015/#WorldSingingDay #SingforGood #GolbalSingingWave #WeSing #ShankarMahadevanAcademy