Why you should have a third baby

“You don’t love me anymore!”“You love him more than me!”“He ate all my cookies!”“She broke my car!”“She stole my piggy-bank!” Pah. I can imagine how tired you are after that. Why did I ever have two kids, you think. And someone told you a baby is all you need to solve your problems. Well, you have two, so your problems should’ve been twice solved. They’ve doubled. So have a third, your mother tells you. What, are you mad, you ask her. I can’t go through it all again.But maybe she has a point. Three, apparently, isn’t that much different from two. And let’s face it: with the government promoting the two-child norm, most of us have it so ingrained in us that our vision is coloured against three kids almost from the time we start planning. So here’s all the good that could come out of it:
  1. More than four hands: child labour is banned, and for good reason. But who in the world said your little ones shouldn’t learn to do household chores? You’ll have three pairs of hands to help you with small tasks that two would’ve had to do otherwise.
  2. They cost almost the same: you already have everything you need for a third baby - tiny clothes, stroller, sippy cups and more. So you won’t have to buy them all again. But start thinking of ways to refurbish them so your littlest won’t complain too much about hand-me-downs!
  3. Three to love you: my aunt always narrates this story of when I was four, where I looked her straight in the eye and said - “mummies know everything.” Well, imagine three kids who adore you enough to say that. You won’t need any more ego boosts for five years at least.
  4. Middle baby loved by all: yes, the middle child syndrome is common, and yes, some middle kids feel they don’t belong anywhere. But on the whole, they always have someone to play with. The oldest considers the middle one her playmate when she’s born, and the youngest looks up to the middle again because she’s more accessible than the oldest. Overall, though, they pick on each other, play and fight all the time, so there’s no dearth of companionship all through.
  5. You’re the queen of supermums: you don’t need a special workout regime; you’re always on the run! But more importantly, you can tell where the youngest’s favourite bedtime book is even in your dreams. Or what the first kid’s math homework was last Thursday. Or even that the middle kid likes a hajmola after dinner everyday.