Why you need a Personal Trainer?

“I will just sleep for 5 more minutes.”“Oh I am too sapped to work out today.”“Ahhhh! I think I pulled a muscle doing that exercise.”“OMG! This is it; I cannot take even one more step.”If you say all this and more, you possibly need to get yourself a Personal Trainer to help you get and stay fit. Who is she? Simply put she is someone who is a professional and can help you on your journey to get fit. Here’s how:1. They tell you what you don’t want to hear“It is not weight, I am just big boned!” “Oh it’s the height!” You can defend yourself all you want but your Personal Trainer will be prompt to burst your bubble. Mercilessly sometimes! Being the objective eye here, she can identify what exactly you need to improve in your journey to get fit!2. They hold you accountableIt is easiest for us to put ourselves last in the list of priorities. “Oh the kids need me, my husband needs me, my in laws need me, I have no time!” Well you can be there for everyone only after you are there for yourself. Fix a schedule with your Personal Trainer and she will ensure that you take out those 30-40 minutes each day to make that effort for yourself. Yes, your kids, family and house will survive it!3. They know what you needDo you really know what kind of workout you need? Well your Personal Trainer sure does. She will usually begin with assessing your strengths and weaknesses. Basis this assessment she will draw up a workout plan for you. It will be personalised and targeted; good for you because you end up achieving exactly what you signed up for!4. They teach you the techniqueInjury as a result of doing a workout/ exercise wrong is more common than you think would be possible! There is a proper technique to each exercise and without any knowledge of it you are more likely to injure yourself or just end up doing it with no effect. Even if you do know the technique it always helps to have a Personal Trainer around to correct and improve your form and positions. 5. They can push you that extra bit40 reps of a squat and your legs are threatening to give way. You are ready to quit and sit down for a while and she tells you “just 10 more.” You want to whack her (maybe you do whack her in your head) but you go ahead and do 10 more. You know who won? You, all the way! Your Personal Trainer knows just how much your body can take and will push you to that limit and a little bit more.


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 6. They are companyYou feel downright silly jogging on the spot. Your Personal Trainer is the perfect company you wanted. Not only is she doing the reps with you (possibly) but engages you in conversation ensuring you aren’t self conscious. Also you have someone to engage in some small talk with while you sweat it out! 7. They can help make working out funJust when you were getting bored of the squats and the crunches, your Personal Trainer decided you needed a session of Zumba. Ever tried it? It is super fun; it is like a dance party! She has many an ace up her sleeves, beginning with water yoga to old school biking, she sure knows how and when to mix it up. Working out now suddenly is so much!8. They can help you eat right tooA rigorous one hour workout session followed by Aloo Parathas with a liberal dose of ghee! DO I need to really tell you why your efforts are all going down the drain? A Personal Trainer can help you with advise on what to eat alongside your workout sessions to ensure an easier and faster (comparatively at least!) journey to getting fit!9. They can give you that pat on the backAfter the ordeal you put yourself through, all the pain you endure, the scales refuse to budge. Huh? You want someone to tell you that you are doing it right and appreciate all the efforts you are putting in to get fit! Well your Personal Trainer will do just that. But don’t expect it all the time. A pat on the back is not easily given which is all the more why you end up trying a little harder for it!10. They are motivatorsThe journey to losing weight or getting fit is not easy and most definitely not short. Results are not instantaneous nor are they always tangible and measurable. There are so many moments when you do really want to hang up those boots (eh, sneakers in your case). Your Personal Trainer will help you put off doing that for a little while longer. She will motivate you to keep at the workout schedule till it becomes a way of life and you wonder why you ever wanted to give up!So in case you setting out on that rocky path to getting fit you might want a Personal Trainer to sweat it out with you. Go on, move it because at the end of it all – It is totally worth it!