Why you don’t really need a personal trainer

Most people are of the belief that joining a gym also entails the extra cost of investing in a personal trainer. While this may certainly be true if you are planning to introduce pro-level strength training exercises – basically to show you the right way to do exercises, there are many other reasons you don’t need a personal trainer. So save yourself some money, save yourself some guilt. Here are all the good reasons you don’t really need a personal trainer –1. You know your body best  While a trainer can certainly motivate you to perform more and better, you know your body best. You know when you’ve had a good workout and when you have not. It’s entirely up to you to escalate your workouts to the next level. You don’t need someone to tell you how to lift free weights!2. Cardio is crucial AND freePerhaps the most important chunk of working out and benefits comes from cardio. Most people need cardio to lose weight and weights only to build muscle. Make use of the fact that running on the treadmill or working a sweat on the elliptical is free. A 40 minute cardio session at least three times a week is certain to boost your weight loss in the right direction.3. YouTube videosEverything is on the internet now! So if you can follow along with YouTube videos, you’re gold. You can do everything from really strenuous Jillian Micheals worksouts with just a couple of free weights, to something mire graceful like Pilates or aerobic dance. Whatever it is, if you’ve got 30 minutes, you’ve got your strength training down.4 

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4. Nutrition is 70% of the jobIt’s true what they say. Weight loss is 70% diet and only 30% exercise. So, definitely get the 70% down – eat clean, lean and healthy. And supplement with sessions of cardio – a walk every day or rack up some gym hours.5. Save moneyLet’s face it. Gym memberships aren’t cheap. Neither are personal trainers. It makes sense to reign one of the expenses in at least to give you access to the other.6.OverkillUnless you’re training for some weight lifting competition, or are real serious about building muscle, personal trainers might really be an overkill for everyday folk. No, I’m not kidding. I mean, who knows what works best for your body? You. You can now choose apps on your phone to be your personal trainer to actually track what activities work best for you. There are apps for measuring and guiding you along interval trainings and even designing a fitness programme that might fit your bill.7. The right fitA lot of times, you’re going to have to work with different trainers before you find the person who actually gets you and your body type. This is an investment of energy, effort, time and money. Unless you need it, you’re better off without it.8. Complementary sessions If the bug has totally bitten you to try a personal trainer, most gyms offer 2-3 complementary sessions with one, thrown in with the membership. Make full use of it – talk to the trainer about your needs, goals and the way to get there. See if the programme they recommend really challenges you and then make an informed decision if you want to continue or not.What do you think? Overkill or investment? Get talking!