Why you absolutely must have the period talk with your son!

Every boy grows up to be a man, but only a mother can help him become a gentleman! While most moms make sure they have the puberty talk with their daughters when they are at ‘that’ age, we often neglect the boys. Sure, it’s the girl who goes through all of it, but boys need to know it all about bleeding and periods for other reasons.

So, if you are shying away from having that bloody talk with your son, here’s why you must shed your inhibitions.

1. The biological reasons first

As human beings we are all curious about our bodies. And especially when our little ones reach ‘the’ age, they only get more curious about their physical self. While moms of girls do have the puberty talk, boys need to be informed too. After all, they need to grow up to be more empathetic about what women, their bodies and what they go through instead of treating the whole thing as something yucky.

2. Bleeding women are not impure

The immediate reaction boys have the minute they hear about menstrual bleeding is yuck, dirty, unhygienic and smelly. However, turns out that it’s not what they think it is. Having the period talk helps you explain to your son that bleeding is a natural thing and that there is nothing impure about the cycle. In fact, periods help women flush out the toxic blood from their body!

3. The legendary mood swings

Let’s admit it mommies! There might be days when you might just want to throw things around and your little boy might not have the slightest clue what’s going on. That’s when he needs to know you are having the time of the month. Telling them how periods play on your mood will help them understand and respect your emotions better and also be more empathetic towards the whole thing.

4. Oh, the pain

There can be days when you have not entered the kitchen, cooked your son’s favourite pasta or just cannot play a game of foot ball with him. And all this simply because your period cramps are torturing the hell out of you. Your boy needs to understand the pain that comes with periods, so that they clearly know why their girl friend or mother is not game for any fun.

5. Those pads are not for ink!

I remember how sanitary pads were always wrapped in a newspaper or parcelled in a black polythene bag whenever someone bought it from the store. And I always wondered why! Why should you hide it! There’s nothing fishy about a sanitary pad and your son needs to know what they are too. So mommies, tell them that sanitary pads are not for absorbing ink and the next time you see a sanitary pad ad, don’t switch channels immediately. Instead, tell them what it is, of course depending on their age!

Feature Image Source: elnacional.com