Why wooden toys are better for your kids?

why wooden toys are beneficial- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Toys are very special in every child’s life. Most of us would agree that some of our most distinct memories of childhood include the toys we played with. The toy you buy for your little one should be safe and free from any toxic elements, while being very appealing. This is exactly what wooden toys are!Here are some reasons why you must practice buying wooden toys for your kids:1. They are Eco-friendlyWooden toys don’t contribute to deforestation. Their disposal and reuse contains hardly any emissions making it safe for the planet. It is time we do our bit for Mother Earth. Buying wooden toys will be a big step towards this.

wooden toys are good for kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

2. They are SafeThe toy market today is flooded with cheap plastic toys imported from various markets around the world. They are packaged and sold in the most attractive way, but how safe these toys are for your delicate little ones, is highly questionable. Some of the toys contain high toxin levels, which are very unsafe, when accidentally kept in the mouth. There are of course many plastic toys which meet safety standards. These aren’t likely to contain anything toxic.While there is a lot one has to look into, while buying safe plastic toys, their wooden counterparts are almost always completely chemical and toxin free, making them the best choice for your precious little ones.3. They are DurableYour kid can toss them around, bang them to see what will happen, or even throw them three floors down, they will remain intact. And in any case, isn’t this what kids are supposed to do with their toys. These are their belongings. They possess every right to decide how they want to play with them. Moreover, all the banging and bashing is also a child’s way of learning.

toys are good for kids that are made of wood- Parenting resources by ZenParent

Bottom line is, wooden toys are more durable that plastic toys. They may be expensive, but it is worth the money, because they last. You can infact hand them down generations if you want to! Well,they will certainly be good hand-me-downs for the younger siblings. Since they don’t have much wear and tear, they look quite new even after much use.4. Offer ample scope for Creativity Wooden toys come in bright colours and coarse textures offering immense sensory stimulus to young children.Kids can get very creative with wooden blocks and build with them in a variety of ways. The same wooden blocks can give them opportunity to make a hundred different patterns, so kids don’t also easily get bored with the toys they have. Plastic toys, more often than not, come with a set of standard instructions with specific joints and sockets and a pre-set outcome, which is somewhat stunting for a child’s enormous creativity.

wooden toys are safe for kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent

These days, wooden toys are available in many kids’ stores. One can also easily find a wide range of wooden toys in stores online. So when are you switching to these?Image Sources: Google Images