Why Online Tuitions are better for your Busy Child

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As I was browsing the net for online tutoring options for my child, I bumped into vedantu.com. With traffic conditions on the roads being totally crazy these days; with at-your-doorstep services along with ordering groceries online, shopping for clothes, books and electronics online; I thought why not explore if there are any good online tutoring services.  Here is the run down on a few questions about what they offer:What is Vedantu all about? It is an online tutoring service through which you can actually interact with a real person who teaches you through the internet.

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What kind of tuitions does Vedantu provide, for which subjects and which levels of classes? They offer tuitions for CBSE and ICSE curriculum from 6th grade to 10th grade.  They focus on Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.How does one sign up on Vedantu? They have multiple options for taking tuitions online. You can sign up for a regular monthly tuition or for specific exam preparations like NTSE SAT Math/Physics/Chemistry, NTSE MAT Preparation etc.What’s exceptional about their online tuitions is that they also have a section called ask doubts where you can ask for the live tutor to clarify your doubts. They also teach JEE Foundation courses and teach the NTSE and PSA curriculum.How can one reach the teachers online through Vedantu and ensure if one is getting the best guidance, possible?Vedantu has a roster of teachers listed along with their ratings and rate/hour and how many sessions they have conducted. There is also further information about the educational qualifications of the teacher, the hours they are available online, the days they are available, and their years of experience and other users’ ratings and reviews of the teacher.  With this information you can make a decision on which tutor you would like to engage.If you are still unsure if you should go ahead with a specific tuition, you can also request a trial session with the tutor to see if they are a good fit for your child.

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How many classes will be conducted by Vedantu and what is the price involved?I was looking for options for my 8th grader and they offer once a week tutoring for Math @ Rs. 600 per month. You can choose 1 to 6 classes per week and the fees go up in increments of Rs.600 per month depending on the number of classes.Why Vedantu is better than other online tuition classes’ providers?1. The advantages that I see in Vedantu are that it is a private tutoring vis a vis a group tuition scenario and therefore, any doubt that your child may have is cleared up instantly.2. You can pick a time that is convenient for your child to sit down and study. It could even be late in the evening or early in the morning without worrying about the commute.3. You could even search for a tutor of a gender that is preferred by your child. All you need is a good internet connection.Today, my daughter is into a lot of activities and we seem to have no time to fit in yet another class. But at this level of flexibility of hours and not having to leave the house, I think I am going to enroll her in a session and try it out for myself.

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