Why my kids hardly get sick

"Every child gets sick - that's how they build immunity." Sounds familiar? Well, that's not the whole truth. Holly's kids are 5, 8 and 10 and because of these great tips, hardly ever get sick. Do you have anything to add after these?
  1.  I make them hand sanitize and wash their hands.  As soon as the walk in from school I send them straight to the bathroom to clean off any germs.  If I take them out to the store, we hand sanitize when we get back into the car.  I don’t even want to think about what’s on those buggies!
  2. They drink lots of water.  We always have water in the car and with our meals.  I think staying hydrated is a huge help, especially in winter when the inside heat can really bother everyone.
  3. They play outside– A LOT!  My kids play outside all the time, even when it’s freezing.  They get bundled up and I push them out the door.  Most the time they get home from school, walk in the front door and then straight out the back.  Getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is so refreshing!
  4. They love fruit.  My kids eat so much fruit and especially oranges and clementines.  They eat tons of apples, pineapples, and spinach salad, kiwi, and bell peppers which have tons of vitamin C.
  5. When I think they may be getting sick I don’t let them eat any SUGAR!  If they tell me they are not feeling well, I make sure they don’t eat sugary foods because it’s much harder to fight the illness.  Viruses love sugar!
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