Why is ME time so important for parents?

Truly said, parenting is indeed the toughest responsibility to perform 24X7! If you have been getting too exhausted or throwing in the towel in exasperation a bit too often then you need what the doctors prescribe as ‘me time’ twice a day, every day. But wait! Before you start rolling down on the road to guilt and try to hold on to the self-consoling mode to start your journey backward, take a look at why the time out is so important and how it can help you as well your family.

1. Energy Recharge- Working round the clock does have its effects. The first and the most prominent one is the depletion of physical, mental, and emotional energies. Taking a break for some time to do what you enjoy doing and what relaxes you is the best way to derive your energy back and get you back to the grind with a more positive approach and motivation.

2. Stronger Relationships- Happy parents have happy kids. So if you want the atmosphere at home to be congenial, it is important to stop being a parent for some time and also be a spouse. Spending quality time alone with your companion away from kids not only rejuvenates the bond between you two making you both a team for working together but also warms you with the love you need to endure the endless challenges.

3. Life lesson for Kids- An old Chinese proverb says ‘If you want your kids to be successful in life, instead of catching fish for them, teach them how to fish.’ Independence is a very valuable life skill kids need to learn but how are they going to if you hover above them, protecting them always and doing things for them. Instead of being superheroes and rushing to their aid all the time, it is more beneficial for kids to be allowed to tackle some tasks on their own while you take some time off and do what you want to do.

4. Make new friends and reconnect with old friends –India is now opening up to the concept of parent support groups that bring together parents facing the same dilemmas and organize fun activities to help rejuvenate the tired parental minds. Leaving kids alone for some time and being a part of this group is not only de-stressing but helps you realize you’re not alone in all those everyday challenges. And it keeps you feeling young at heart again!

So, dear parents, taking some time away from your kids is not bad but an intelligent investment towards happiness and peace of your family and you can pack those bags for a trip you have been secretly wishing to go for or pick up that hobby class you have been thinking about for ages; without a second thought and with lots of confidence. Trust me, your kids can manage without you for some time at least!

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