Why is a Parent Support Group (PSG) important?

After stepping into realms of motherhood, life seemed impossible sometimes as I grappled to conquer the slimy balance between kids, work, husband, and a sane state of mind. The realization that I had been chosen to take care of a child with special needs threw me further down the gallows of self –doubt and a disturbed state of mind. I had sunk it in oblivion within my belief system that nobody could have it as bad as me and I had to fight my battle all alone.I was completely wrong!A teacher from my son’s school suggested that I be a part of a Parent Support Group and my first reaction was ‘Oh no! Not another session of advices and reminders of what you haven’t done as yet or what you need to keep doing for your kids till eternity. I had reached my saturation point and like most of you I decided to give it a skip every time. But one day destiny decided to intervene and there I was privy to a forum that I feel every parent who needs to feel good, get in touch with his/her real emotions, needs strength to cope up and basically needs the assurance that he/she has not failed after all, must be a part of. The PSG is for US parents and NOT kids.This is what it has done for me and it may just give you that niche of comfort and peace that you are seeking.
  • The PSG calms us down- That is the first thing we need as parents. Our agitated & confused state of mind makes us edgy, disrupts our thinking processes and convinces us that we have reached an insurmountable road block. When we meet other parents, who are in similar sticky situations, have gone through a particular phase and crossed the hurdle, the assurance we get that we are not alone, and there is a way out puts our fears instantly to rest.
  • It gives us the motivation and strength to carry on- Dealing with our situation, keeping up an astute front day in & day out, surely slots us as brave parents but kills a part of us at every blow. There have been times when I have cried through the night, having no one to turn to who could understand my pain and was convinced that one more lonely night would finish my will. But when we start walking with a movement, the inertia within it not only shakes us out of our numbness to get us back on our feet but also nourishes our soul with a renewed inspiration.
  • Opens a whole new hidden world out there- Once in a group we discover there are so many options to handle our problems that we had never thought of or even considered before. When parents from all walks of life and situations come together one can only marvel at the diaspora of experiences, remedies and solutions. We can discuss, test or apply the various alternatives and create a richer emotional base for us as well as our kids.
  • Brings back the smile on our faces- It does not happen immediately, but over time I was beginning to feel happier and lighter. When I was lonely I had confidantes, when I was confused I had guides, when I was depressed I had friends to cheer me up, when someone needed me I had the courage to support them which gave me great satisfaction in return and I was HEARD without my issues being ignored or trivialised. But of course, the biggest joy was that I had figured out a way with my kids, and my life as a whole.           
If you are wondering that a PSG is primarily only for parents with kids who have special needs then I beg to differ. All parents need that pat on the back, that shoulder to cry on and ample reassurances to move ahead. You have a big job to do so why deny your wonderful self all those perks that you so rightfully deserve and keep yourself  thirsty from the fountain of love and camaraderie