Why I like birthday parties for my kids to be simple

Does celebrating your child’s birthday have to be necessarily boisterous and over the top?  Your baby is turning another year older and you want to celebrate your happiness with your friends and family. Of course this is a perfectly normal social obligation that every parent endearingly plans and attempts to execute the best birthday ever for all to remember. Some parents make organizing the most awesome party into a status symbol, comparing whose was better. But does it have to be this way? Your child’s birthday is such a special occasion; it's a reminder of the most amazing day when your baby came into being someone outside of your secure womb. A day of new beginnings, which we would like to fondly remember and celebrate in the form of a party with our loved ones. But does the celebration have to be marred by multiple distractions and over the top even boisterous party effects. Will your little one even remember any of it or is it just for the photo ops and proof that you celebrated the birthday with aplomb?


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 Truth be told, I barely remember much of my birthday parties except for the cake and snacks and me eagerly calling my friends home. But other than that nothing really stood out, even fancier birthday parties at my well to do friends homes are a mere faint memory highlighted by bigger gifts maybe. Now with umpteen party & event planners trying to diversify into the kids party arena, even kids parties have become hoity-toity wedding like affairs where parents don't think twice before spending for a smashing event.  With the fancy décor, fancy party favors, color theme and cuisine and ofcourse the coordinated party games.  No offense to parents who prefer the fancier parties at all. But as a parent I am trying to keep things simple yet fun for my little one so it appeals to her in her present state of mind, they wont remember any of this later except while browsing through pictures or videos of the party.  Birthdays should not be a stressful event, lets not lose sleep over what return gifts to get or the party planner. Lets celebrate another wonderful year with our little ones in the true sense of the word without making it about the décor or the perfect location. Now this can be done in multiple ways, below are some simple birthday party ideas I would recommend.1. Take a birthday vacation together and explore a new city, new culture, new cuisine or just go on an adventure. Do something different each year, make it all the more memorable, this way it is etched in your memory for life.  This way it’s an enriching experience both for the parents and the child.2. Share your birthday along with the less fortunate; plan a party with cake and snacks with a non-profit organization working with children either from an orphanage or kids from lesser-privileged backgrounds than ours. For some of those kids it's a treat and the happiness and sense of community that is spread by doing so is inexplicable.  Lets teach our kids sharing with everyone without discrimination by caste, color, creed or monetary status. 3. Spend a day with close family and friends at a farmhouse or resort away from the hustle bustle of the city. Relax, eat, play fun games and laugh together, make it a day worth everyone’s while. Make a picnic out of it. Bring out the child in you.You may think of many other ways to celebrate your baby. It finally boils down to the happiness of your child and sharing the joy your child has brought into your lives. Parties need not be larger than life fancy affairs, lets keep it simple and sweet yet memorable.  Spread the joy people.